Latest Winner - Bitter Seed of Magic and Doc;Vampire-Hunting Dog

Congratulations Barbara!
Thanks everyone, for entering. I might do this again within a few months.
first contest of 2012 - win a copy of The Bitter Seed of Magic and a copy of Doc, the Vampire Hunting Dog
go here to enter
my latest give away - enter by the first week of August, 2011
You can win your very own copy of Senior Year Bites
 It's so easy - go here, read Julie's guest post, comment answering the two questions by the first week of August and you'll be entered for a chance to win Senior Year Bites.
Go on now, you'll be happy you did.  :)

Happy Book B-day Giveaway -
here is your chance to win a copy of The Cold Kiss of Death or The Sweet Scent of Blood by Suzanne McLeod
all you have to do is post about the U.S. release of The Cold Kiss of Death (releasing 4/26/11) and post a link here.
Simple and easy
contest ended May 6, 2011

Want to win a hardback copy of A Song For My Mother?
a story about forgiving, mothers and daughters - appropriate for Mother's Day - especially for those of us that have spirited relationships with our mothers - whom we love dearly.  :)
  • click here to enter - leave a comment about a situation or action that left you angry with your mother, whether real or perceived, whether long or short - did you eventually see her pov?  Forgive? Come to an acceptance?
  • contest ends April 8th, my midnight (haha - PST) 2011.
  • make sure I have a way to contact in case you win.

Winner of The Bitter Seed of Magic is Winnie!

Writer Suzanne McLeod - author of the series has generously offered a signed copy of The Bitter Seed of Magic for a contest.

This is the third of the series - due out in the United Kingdom in just a couple weeks (February 17th).

  • The contest is open internationally
  • Leave a comment here with the name of your top five favorite newest series. I'm looking for series that have came out in and since 2009. For instance- The would be in my top five of the newest because I first read it in 2009; Devon Monk's Magic series (Allie Beckstrom - Magic in the Blood, etc) would also be there because it came out in 2009. At least get as close as you can. :) It's not school - not a test, just a generalization.

  • Tell me your favorite and second favorite genre to read
  • Read the excerpt that's been provided
  • Make sure there is a way to contact you...and check back in case announcements don't go through
  • extra entry for linking to the contest - provide link, of course.

  • Contest will end February 18th, 2011

Winner of Nocturne is Peeps!

Current Giveaway ends 1/21/11.  Nocturne by Syrie James is the prize.

see rules and enter here


The books that were previously listed as free to a good home have been deleted, as no one seemed to want them.  : ( 
They will go to the local Library for their booksale (as soon as I figure out where and when to donate them)

Now this page will be for any current giveaways - which I won't have very often (I don't thinK)  I plan to use only books that have remained in good shape after suffering me reading them. This is difficult for me achieve (I used to be much better at it) since I have grandchildren running around frequently and all our books are at all times accessible to the kids (promotes a love of books).  Grandchildren story starts here - (feel free to skip over-if you dare!) My granddaughter likes to pretend to read them, and now my grandson also loves to hold them, and skim through the pages.  Which is odd because there aren't even any pictures on the inside, just words, which I assume means nothing to them at the moment...although my granddaughter is beginning to show an interest in letters - she is asking what an L is, an A etc.  Her name starts with an "L".
Back to the current giveaway
Stormwalker by Allyson James
in very, very good shape
as of 7/04 there is only one entrant -
The rules:
1. must be a follower
2. must leave a comment on the giveaway post - and leave a recommendation of a POC book - I would really love to get recommendations of POC authors that happen to write Urban Fantasy.  No Recommendation, no entry.
3. have a way for me to contact you (blog name, etc).  I understand if you don't want to leave your  e-mail, but in addition to commenting please send me an e-mail regarding contact info.
4.  Runs until 7/16/10 midnight, my time - which happens to be Pacific Coast Time.
Okay, peoples - let's see some entries!