Thursday, January 6, 2011

giveaway;contest;and or freebie

It's the new year (in case you haven't noticed quite yet)

My first complete read of the year is my second review of the new year. (unnecessary information)

I've decided to pass on Nocturne to a lucky reader. ( EXCITING news! )

So - here's the thing, I don't have a lot of followers, and I'm not go-getter when it comes to doing things to get followers. I haven't actively sought out new followers, and I never really thought about followers when I started my blog .(...although I do sob uncontrollably when I see my followers numbers drop! Just Kidding...maybe I'm not kidding ) But I would like to reward the few people who have been reading my blog and occassionally making comments (at least I know someone is reading - thank you someones!)

  • Contest is open to followers of my blog

  • to qualify further, please leave a comment with either a recommendation to a POC book (People of Color) OR a book that has a good cover depicting a POC person!

I'm asking for this because, even though I was brought up by my Latina mom, we weren't brought up learning much about our Latina heritage even though growing up with my mother and her friends, caucasions were always the other people. Haha. ...and yet my own children have significant others that are POC, and my own grandchildren are POC...well, one of them is (lol) and I'm half POC....

LOL - I am one culturally confused woman!

That was my long winded reasoning for the rules of the contest.

I want to find more POC books to read, and also feature book covers with POC characters on the cover - to satisfy that empty part of me that's been sobbing for attention for years. LOL

Seriously, for a long time it's felt like I'm missing something, and I've decided it's my other half!

Even though I took part in the POC Reading Challenge for 2010, I was only able to find a few books by POC writers that actually interested me. Part of the problem is that I'm mainly interested in fantasy or urban fantasy books, so though there may be a lot of fiction by POC authors, they might bore me as much as regular fiction by caucasion writers....Entiendes?

Contest rules recap

  • be a follower

  • leave a comment with the Name of a good POC character/writer book (preferably fantasy/horror or urban fantasy)

  • or - leave a comment telling me the name of any genre book with a cover that has POC character(s) on it....(maybe I'll put up a post later with all the cover images)

  • Make sure I have a way to contact you after one of my grandchildren picks a winner

  • contest runs about January 21st 2011.

Sound simple? try finding the books now! Good luck and you know...enter the contest.



  1. ANything by Marta Acosta in the Casa Dracula SEries. SHe writes una Latina brava! Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    Twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  2. So they are both YA, but I liked Peace, Locomotion. I listened to audiobook and it was really good. I also liked Perfect Chemistry, which was very cheesy but for some reason I liked it.

    This was actually harder than I thought it would be. I looked through my bookshelf and though some have all races, many are not the main characters. For example, Illona Andrews has a few in her books (love them!) and Nalini Singh has a few mixed characters. Sorry I couldn't be more help!!

  3. Wait, I just looked around noticed that you like Ilona Andrews, so you know what I am talking about.


    How about Princess of Las Pulgas by C Lee McKenzie

  5. I'm totally a follower... I just only check my blogs through google reader once a week or so... aw... the time... (or lack there of)

    Cross posting :)


  6. Beneath a marble sky is set in modern day India and their is a picture of the Indian woman on the front, she's a princess.
    It's all about her telling the story of her fathering having the Taj Mahal built for her Mother.

    It's a really good book.



  7. Not sure if I can enter since I'm a new follower (I didn't know about your blog until now). I would recommend any of the Perfect Chemistry books by Simone Elkeles which features the extremely hot Fuentes brothers. Elkeles is a fantastic writer and completely believable.

    Thank you for the contest, this book sounds really interesting and I LOVE the cover :)


  8. Lynsey, Lane, Peep, Brandi & Steph - some good recs, thanks.
    Peep = on Ilona.... hells yeah!
    Phoenix - hi!

  9. Not entering :) But I can't believe I wasn't a follower--I read you in RSS feed LOL I fixed that!