I explain my rating system (haha - system! it's arbitrary)

Whether it's stars, hearts, checks, or little birdies - we all have our rating "system" (sounds so formal).  I have my completely arbitrary system of 1 to 6 stars - 6 being for those books that I loved the most - not necesarily the books that might pass the analytical gauntlett that some professional reviewers might put a book through (character growth, connectability, logical actions, etc) but did I absolutely love and have fun reading the novel.  If so, then that novel gets a six from me.    On the other hand, there might be a book that gets five stars from others, because they are written by a genious, or a very popular (Stephen King) writer - but if I don't enjoy the book, then I didn't enjoy it - so they don't get five or six from me....of course.  So you might find me giving some books six stars and you might not agree.  That's what's so great about the world.  There are so many brains and so many different styles of books, songs, art, etc. that there's something for all of us, or each of us.
  1. one being the worst, I really couldn't finish it - "ugh!"
  2. two not much better than one, I had to force myself to finish the book
  3. three, not that good, not horrible, just not impressed with the book - in fact, might be ultimately forgettable almost as soon as I read it...although there were some good parts to it.
  4. four, a decent book, not a book I would rave over, not one that I might read again, but a good enough book.
  5. five, I liked it a lot I would recommend it to others and will read other books by the writer of this one
  6. six, I loved the book, I would recommend it to others, am looking for other books by the author, and this author will be on my "auto-buy" list, I only wish the book were longer.
To be honest, you're not going to find very many 1 and 2 star reviews, because I haven't been finishing books that are that bad...and if I don't finish them, well then, I can't really review them, can I?  There will be the rare occasion that I will though - and then..... 1 or 2 star review.  shudders.