Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Release Day - contest links

I live in the United States, and seriously, from one time to another, no matter how many times I'm told, I cannot remember if we're behind or ahead of England in the time zone.

I Do Know

The Bitter Seed of Magic

is officially being released

In England (aka the UK)

on February 17 th, 2011

It is now February 17, 2011

12:19 a.m. here in the US

So either it's been out for hours now,

or it will be out within hours.

Whichever the case,

Today is the DAY that you can buy it (in the UK)

and the day you can order it from the Book Depository for immediate shipment.

So Happy Release Day!


Happy Book B-Day to The Bitter Seed of Magic!

{and to Suzanne McLeod - congrats on having THREE books published!}

Remember, if you want a chance to win a signed copy, there is 24 hours left in my contest - give or take a few for the purpose of my confusion over time zone differences.

A Signed copy of The Bitter Seed of Magic **-

open Internationally

Courtesy of Suzanne McLeod

Enter here - the odds are good over on my blog of winning!

The Bitter Seed of Magic is the third in the series
The Sweet Scent of Blood - avail now in UK and US
The Cold Kiss of Death - avail now in UK, April in U.S.
The Bitter Seed of Magic - out today! UK release
Short story coming in Home Improvement:Undead Edition (a Genny story)
The Shifting Price of Prey - coming soon - 2012

If you've been a regular, or semi regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed that once in a while I'll go on and on about the series and Suzanne McLeod's writing. That's because a few years ago, I stumbled across her blog and noticed she had an excerpt of her first novel up. I think this was right before her second book came out in the UK. I read the excerpt and couldn't stop thinking about it. (See? potential authors - put up excerpts - you're sure to pull in fans before you book is even published! I was a fan of J.A. Campbell's work also before her book deals came through and I'm so excited for her). So, I was waiting impatiently for Suzanne's books to be published in the US (lol, I waited for a whole few months before I bought them through the Book Depository - couldn't wait anymore). I never regretted ordering her books from overseas, because they are among the best books I've read. I could go on and on about them - I enjoy the characters, the world building, the humor, etc. That's why sometimes I just go on and on about Ms McLeod's books. They're worth it. :)

**There is currently an interview Suzanne McLeod AND a contest for The Bitter Seed of Magic over at Amberkatz's blog. Go over, read the fun interview and enter the contest.
Whew! Hope I remembered all the links!

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