Thursday, July 14, 2011

Desert Dreams #4 of 6

The fourth installment by J.A. Campbell of the Into the West series is now available from Echelon Press.
Desert Dreams can be purchased from...
Barnes & Nobel

I just bought my copy. I usually read adult fiction, yet I've been enjoying this series. Tina, a teen used to city life, malls, cell phones and parties has been moved to a small town ghost town because her father is working nearby. She begins to work with a local ranch, riding fences and getting acquainted with cows and cowboys where she meets Rowe, a very handsome cowboy. But Rowe is from another time - and though they've been warned about seeing each other (the whole time line thing), they can't seem stay away from each other. Desert Dreams continues their story.
Fourth in the six part series, Desert Dreams is a fun and enjoyable read.

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