Saturday, March 12, 2011

Into the West/Westward, Yo!

I've officially made my very first e-book purchase. I bought a "copy" of Westward, Yo! by J.A. Campbell.

I've started reading it, and I'm cracking up at the main character's attitude. Brings back memories of being 15/16 years old and so irritated at my mom, my dad, my brothers....

I remember what it was like being a teen and I think that Julie is doing a good job of portraying Ms Tina as a teen here. I haven't gotten very far yet, because I can't concentrate on e-book pages for very long (not sure why, except that it's not a paperback in my hand) - but I'm going to read a bit every day until I finish this installment of Westward, Yo.
I'm enjoying it!

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