Sunday, March 13, 2011

free books? and other randomnosity

randomness #1
It's late, very late.
I've spent the day with two little toddlers (or rather preschoolers, now)
listening and occasionally intervening
to running
It's been an interesting day. I'm amazed at how much patience my almost three year old grandson has for my four year old granddaughter - who is all about her self, right now, as many four year old girls tend to be.
He is more apt to share, and to show concern when she wants a toy, or is scared of something, or gets hurt...
Once in a while though, he puts his foot down and refuses to listen to her, or to give up a toy - this majorly pisses her off.
She needs to learn - not everyone in life is going to listen to her.
Randomness #2
I tried this once before, and it didn't work, as in NOBODY wanted....
I have quite a few books piling up - that I've either read, or can't bring myself to finish.
Once before I tried to offer a few up "for grabs" - NO STRINGS.
There were absolutely NO takers, which I found surprising
{oh wait! I did have one person request the LKH books I put up for adoption}
Then again,
I did have very few followers
I now number a whopping 68 followers (though I doubt all 68 tune in)
Maybe I should try again...
If I offer up a few books
to a good home
for FREE
would you be interested?
if you would, leave a comment and I'll put up a list of books I'm willing to part with
some are newer,
some are older
some are barely touched,
some are very used - used hard (that's what she said)
Some are popular authors
some are obscure
but every book deserves a caring home
I've donated quite a few books to thrift shops, already
these are some I'd like to see if anyone is interested in...
so comment, already!
Randomness #3
I realized tonight that my list of weblinks hasn't been updated to reflect a lot of the writers I like to read,
or bloggers I like to keep uo on
So off the top of my head,
I tried to remember which authors I like to check up on regularly
which bloggers I like to read (that don't show up on my google lists for whatever reason)
found new links for them,
and attempted to update my blog list...
it took me hours - HOURS !
Not really - it did take around an hour though
Randomness #4
I have a facebook account
which I rarely do anything on
\except play Zynga games
I used to like Farmville quite a bit -
actually, I go back and forth with Farmville
I like it, but once in a while become completely frustrated with the cost (fv $$)
I've tried Frontierville
too many missions to complete
too many trees to cut down,
snakes to clobber
bears to scare
critters to nurseback to health.
I've also tried Treasure Island -
lots of digging
uses up the energy 5, 7, or 10 at a time
I've found myself enjoying Citiville quite a lot
I like to go on to Citiville at least three times a day, in fact
My only issue with them....
uses up the energy too fast, replaced too slow
everytime I want to expand
the price goes up by at least $50,000
That's right
last time it cost $185,000 and 20 permits
I'm trying to amass $225,000.00 along with the 20 permits
I only have 12 Citiville neighbors...and that's where you get the permits
Want to be my Citiville neighbor?
Randomness #5
last thing
Does anyone else watch
Being Human?
I'm not referring to the SyFy channel's lame version,
The BBC America's Version
of Being Human.
With the handsome Mitch (vampire)
the kind of silly George (werewolf)
and the relentlessly cheery Ann (ghost)
I really enjoy watching this show
Only one thing bothers me...
The amount of red that is shown when Mitch or another vampire feeds
seems wasteful to me
blood is EVERY WHERE
if I were a vampire, I don't think I'd have blood everywhere when I fed
But then I'm not a vampire
good thing, because I like my meat welldone


  1. LOL I had to keep two different lists of blogs I like to visit--strictly because for some reason or another posts get dropped on one or the other :)

  2. Hi Mardel!

    Just wanted to drop by to say that I do tune in! It's just that I read your posts in my Google Reader, which makes it faster to go through the posts of the blogs that I subscribe to so I just don't always comment (lack of time and all that :P).

    I would be interested in some used books, though I live in Canada so I don't know what shipping would cost... maybe we can work something out...?

    Anyway, hope you have a great week!

  3. I lurk a lot too, Winnie. Which I realize probably makes other blogger wonder if they're being read or not. Once in a while I try to leave a comment, but I also suffer from thinking that what I have to say is the same ol'same ol'. Know what I mean?

    Are there special airmail stamps for Canada or would it just be a bit more postage? I'll put up a list soon, and then we'll see if it'll be a crazy amount of postage or not - then we can go halves if it is. if not, then don't worry because I've been lucky enough to have a "book fairy" send me things from England - if she can handle it, I should be able to once in a while, right?

  4. Hi..
    even i'm not a follower, but still i visit your blog almost everyday (grins)

    Free books ? i'm in :) i mean, well honestly. i do have a book fairy too. once every month (almost) she sends me a book. sometimes she asked me first which tittle that i want to receive this month, the other time she just surprised me :)
    she understand that I won't able to buy nor pay the airmail stamps. but still she always send me FREE books :)

    - i do have FB, i play farmville and cafeworld. never used any zynga card but still i have some friends that have helped me a lot.