Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Westward Yo, Happy Book B-day


I'm a day late with this, but....

Westward, Yo!
a short story
Authored by the up and coming new writer
J.A. Campbell
is now officially available for sale
e-book -- $0.99 (that's 99 cents, yo!)
To celebrate her first official book release, Ms Julie is having a contest.
check out her blog for details - you could win a Nook or Kindle cover.
Tina Harker is a teen who has been uprooted by her father, moved to the boonies and dealing with having a complete life turnaround (no malls, no friends, no CITY LIFE!) - hello rattlesnakes, hello desert heat, hello wild-west!....hello bandits?
Sounds like a book I want to read - and having a little bit of past experience reading some shorts from Ms Julie, I'm sure it's going to be good.
Appropriate for school aged tweens and teens (this whole Electric Shorts series is geared toward 7-17 year olds) this will be a story that can be shared with daughters, nieces, students, etc.
places to buy:

OmniLit various formats Kindle

Smashwords many formats avail

My review will be coming soon :)

Happy Book Birthday!....(week)

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  1. Thanks so much! Love you Mardel. Beautiful post :)

    Julie/J.A. Campbell