Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday, What are you reading

We've (the workers and students in our school district) have had a glorious two weeks in a row of NO Monday work schedule. In fact, last Tuesday we also had the day off, although without pay to save the district some money....
This Monday, we're back to the old grind. Full work weeks ( I could totally get behind a three day work week!), Monday through Friday....
We can dream. Insert huge sigh here. *g*
But then I guess not a whole lot would get done.

The It's Monday meme has been around for quite a while and is currently being hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. In case you're new to the internet scene and have just stumbled upon this blog - It's Monday, What Are You Reading is where we note what we've read the past week (some people read loads of books, and some like me, read book.), What we're currently reading and possibly what we hope to read. Of course, better guidelines are at Book Journey.
Finished Reading:
I finished reading Red Hot Property and reviewed it here. I enjoyed it very much, and it's good to know that the sequel (Red Hot Liberty) will be released in the spring of this year. More to look forward to with Molly and the realty gang.
Currently Reading:
I'm about halfway through Blood Song by Cat Adams (aka C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp). The first in the Blood Singer series, Blood Song has been out for a while now, long enough to have the sequels released already (Siren Song - Sept 2011, and Demon Song - coming out March 2011). So far, I am enjoying Blood Song enough to think about buying the other two...

I'm about halfway through A Song for My Mother by Kat Martin. Even though A Song For My Mother deals with some strong emotions and traumatic events, the pace of the book is slow and relaxed. The subject matter isn't something I would normally pick for myself to read, but the storytelling is pretty good.
This is my "at work" book. A book that won't raise eyebrows or bother anyone if it accidently gets left out.

Future Books:
I might be leading up to a LIST here...wait.....ummm..yup! :) A list. See, I've been buying and buying and I wond a few books, and a couple Lovely Ladies have shared some books....So that even though I haven't been able to spend as much money on books as I would Love To, I'm still able to add and add to my TBR list/pile/mountain. So I've accumulated a few books that I'm going to have to start whittling down.
I'm going to list just the books that i can remember as I sit here..(shouldn't really be that many that I can remember. hahaha.) Remember, this is just from my brain, AND I've been accumulating some of these books for about three or four years...
  • Redemption Alley - Lilith Saintcrow
  • Flesh Circus - Lilith Saintcrow
  • Heaven's Sprite - Lilith Saintcrow
  • A Local Habitation - Seanan MacGuire
  • An Artificial Night - Seanan MacGuire
  • Feed - Mira Grant
  • The Darkest Edge of Dawn - Kelly Gay
  • As Lie the Dead - Kelly Meding
  • Masques - Patricia Briggs
  • Raven Shadow
  • Raven Strike
  • Dragon's Bones
  • Dragon's Blood
  • Married with Zombies
  • Trolls in Manhatten
  • Pasharade
  • Black Magic Sanctions
  • Discord's Apple
  • Wicked Appetite
  • Dark Space - Marianne DePierres (started it, liking it)
  • Sharp Shooter - Marianne DePierres
  • Shift - Rachel Vincent
  • Awakening - Kelley Armstrong
  • the last one Kelley Armstrong...The Reckoning (?)
  • Chill - Elizabeth Bear

There's more. At least a full bookshelf more. I just can't quite remember the titles....I'm set for quite a while for reading...And y'know what? I want more. I know that The Iron Witch is going to be here, I won it in a giveaway. And I still want to go to the bookstore, smell the books, look at them all and buy a few. Soon. Very Soon, I'm going to the bookstore, even if it's only to buy two books.


Have to.

I have to sign off now, I'm seriously getting sleepy - finally. :)