Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Teaser and a Top Ten

Well," here we are again....feel the chemicals rushin' in....." (just a song, folks!)

Hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading, this meme allows me to tease you with a sentence or two (or five, or a paragraph...) from my current read.

There are more guidelines - but basically, no spoilers, and it's good to cite the author's name.

So Here Goes...

Blood Song

Cat Adams

page 175-176

"...And, as much as it annoys my associates" - his casual hand gesture made the embers on the end of his cigarette glow briefly brighter - "I have decided that, for the moment, you're more useful to me alive than dead."

While cruising around looking at a few blogs, I came across Debbie's World of Books where she was participating in the following meme - This one looks like it's just up my alley. Basically you list a top ten - this week it's the top ten books you just HAD TO BUY, but haven't yet read. They're languishing on the shelf, or under the bed, or around the couch, or in the car....are you seeing a pattern here? :) Totally what I do, on a regular basis. The only consolation is that at least I'm doing my small part in helping up the sales numbers in that all important week of sales.....

To participate, go here - The Broke and the Bookish, were you can get a better grasp of the rules, and not go by my vague..."Basically"....type of rule following. :)

I'm not going to put pictures up (too many, too late at night/er morning) but I'm going to try to list a few that I've bought, yet not read in the last year. I did some of this last night, ironically, so I'll try not to repeat the books I listed last night. These aren't actually a top ten, but these are ten of the books I just had to have - and ten that I can see from here.

  1. Double Cross - by Carolyn Crane. I loved Mind Games, and I wanted to get this as soon as it came out. I did - I bought it within days of the release...then became busy with books, and waited .....then I keep waiting. I want to read this, I enjoy Carolyn Crane's writing and her series plot......
  2. The Gaslight Dogs - by Karin Lowachee. This should have been a 2010 read for my POC reading challenge. POC writer (I think, judging by trhe last name. really, one should never assume anything.) So I bought is as soon as I could find it... loaned it to a daughter-in-lawish-person (There should really be a special name for the woman who loves and lives with your son) , got it back later, then just haven't been in the mood for this genre. And I keep forgetting about it.
  3. Spider's Bite - by Jennifer Estep. I really had to have this one also. I bought it. Looked forward to reading it. Started to read it - strong beginning. The beginning kicked ass, really. Got past the beginning and began to lose interest. Another book ended up doing it's sparkly notice me thing, and I wandered off in pursuit of another book, put Spider's Bite on the shelf, and never felt like going back to it. Not yet anyway.
  4. Black Blade Blues - by J.A.Pitts. Fantasy, Swords, Elves, a woman blacksmith, pretty cool cover and a very cool title. The book just jumped out at me in the store. I read the first chapter and ....and.....and....lost interest. Felt like reading something more urban fantasy-ish. I'll try again soon. Because it still sounds interesting.
  5. Hunted By The Others - by Jess Haines. This should be good. Red cover, strong looking heroine- a detective. magic, vampires, etc. I read the first page and that's about it. just haven't felt the need to go back. I think because in the first paragraph, there were way too many descriptive descriptions. Let's count them, shall we? one, two, three, four.....SEVEN mentions of what things either look like, or feel like....in one paragraph, it just is too much and sound to me like a sixth grader trying to use as many adjectives from the word bank as possible in as few sentences and he can. Sorry, sometimes the sarcasms ooze out, but ...it's true. I would like to try again...if I can get past that first page of descriptions. Really, I stopped after the first paragraph.
  6. Red Hot Fury - by Kasey Mackenzie. This is one of those books that I found out about on a blog, then went to the author website, read an excerpt, thought it was interesting and wanted to buy it. I waited and waited.....patiently, of course (haha). Then as soon as it came out, I bought it. I read the first chapter. Something turned me off to it - I think it was the mix of almost formal narrative and regular everyday speech. It's hard for me to explain. The plot interests me - Furies, some mystery, etc. But at times I get very impatient with a certain style of word usage, and this book has it. I have to be in the mood, and less lazy-brained I guess.
  7. Blood Law - by Jeannie Holmes. Jeannie Holmes was one of the few commenters that was polite to me when I was a complete newbie on an author's website. The memory is vague, but I remember making a comment about a book, and Ms Holmes commented, etc. It stands out for me, because the other people on the site were very.....intense, some of them intense to the point of rudeness (I almost quit making comments altogether after this particular group) - yet Ms Holmes was sweet and just nice. So when I saw her name come up for a book, of course I had to check it out...then it seemed like years went by before the book finally came out. I think at the time I first heard abou the book, she didn't even have a contract yet, so it's cool that she now has a book, and a sequel out. (maybe more, by now). I'm really not sure why I haven't read this one yet - other than just the luck of the draw type of thing. I'm looking forward to reading this though.
  8. Master of None - by Sonya Bateman. An unlucky theif, mayhem, a djinn - all the makings of a good fun book. I just haven't got around to reading it yet.
  9. Zoe's Tale - John Scalzi. I've been reading this. I just can't seem to read it straight through. It seems as though I've been reading this between other books. It's sci-fi - which I enjoy. Just can't seem to concentrate on it, so it ends up back on the shelf for long periods of time.
  10. Blood Cross - by Faith Hunter. Let me just say here that I totally enjoy Faith Hunter's writing. I've read all three of her Rogue Angel series - I know I have the name of the series wrong. It's Blood Ring, Host and Seraphs - all very bood books. I won a galley proof of her first Jane Yellowrock book - enjoyed every minute of it. So when Blood Cross came out, I made sure I bought it. Then I set it somewhere.....I haven't read it yet. Seems like I just bought it - and now, the third book in the Jane Yellowrock series is out - Mercy Blade. I need to read Blood Cross. I know it's going to be good. Faith is an experienced writer, who has been writing under a few different names, and puts out quality reading. It's never a "chore" to read her novels.

    Well, that's it for my top ten list. I wonder what the topic will be next week? Can't say that I'll do this every week, but if it's something I can relate to, like buying books that I let languish on the shelves, then I'm in.



  1. I did a top ten and a teaser too, that a fun list for you. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  2. I love this teaser :) I want to read it now. New follower, btw!