Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Red Hot Property

Red Hot Property

by Devin O'Branagan

Infinity Publishing

This was my "cleanse the palate" read. I usually stick to urban fantasy, with side trips down scifi, horror or high fantasy. But when I read a book that's just amazing to me, then I have to read either another amazing book or something completely out of the genre, because all other books just pale in comparison...

Devin O'Branagan was kind enough to send me this (just because she saw I was interested in it - that's very nice) and I had put it aside to read later because I have had a few promised reads (not a lot, it's not like I'm one of those big-time reviewers, but a few) and then of course, my first love is urban fantasy. But if you're looking for a fiction, that has some humor and fun characters, this would be a good choice. I also have an amazing amount of books waiting for me to read - more than, love, love getting books - buying them, receiving as gifts, finding them in giveaway piles, etc. I also tend to collect children's books, but that's whole other story. Anyway, with all of the books I really, really want to read, my reading has really slowed down to about one book a week. Can't seem to get faster than that - but I blame that on my grandchildren (whom I wouldn't ever give up time with - not even for reading!) There's always time off to look forward to. :)

First of all, though, take a look at the cover - I love it. It's sexy, and at the same time it's spare. A dark background, a red house (it looks like a monopoly game house) and just the hint of a profile with beautiful lips. It works - and if I had seen this in a bookstore, the cover would have snagged my interest. Boy those lips are attractive, and I'm not even ..y'know bi or gay. But those lips are sure lookin' good! LOL Okay, enough of that. It's a good cover.

I have to honestly say - I enjoyed reading this novel. The main character - Molly - is a single mom who has recently relocated with her life sister (that's a sister who isn't born your sister, but fills the sister need-I don't know if it's a real term or has ever been used before, hell - I don't even know if it makes sense, just go with it.) to a Colorado town, taken a real estate course and has just been hired on in one of the biggest real estate business's in town. All on the prediction of a psychic that she had visited.

Molly and three other "newbies" are hired on, and work together - finding out that there are so many unexpected expenses and hidden costs....I don't know how anyone makes it in that type of business. Anyway, these four learn how to rely a bit on each other - some more than others. This novel takes Molly on a hell of a journey of self-discovery. She discovers hidden strengths, latent "female power", and even some tendencies that she's not proud of. In fact, I respect that Devin O'Branagan didn't sugar coat some of the ways that Molly behaved. I think it's very easy for authors to portray their characters as being a lot better than other people or having a much higher sense of integrity than other characters, people just aren't completely good 24/7. Molly gets impatient with people, she agrees to things she doesn't quite feel comfortable with all in the name of making money. Molly is driven to succeed all for her daughter-but falls into the same pit that a lot of parents end up in. Trying to make enough money for the kid's sake, and yet having to spend most of the time away from the kid, when they just want time with their parents.

Red Hot Property is not only about Molly's foray into business, but it's a story of her trying to find love, friendships and a balance of work and life. It's also about Molly learning to believe in herself.

A lot of things happen for Molly - good and bad. At times things worked out almost too well for her, and at other times if something could go wrong it did. Throughout the book, we're treated to glimpses of house showings and all the strange and quirky people that one deals with when dealing with the public.

Some of the best characters were Val - one of the newbies who seemed to be very comfortable with his own gay lifestyle, and yet was still dealing with a bit of resentment from the bigotry that gay men (and women) tend to get stuck with; Talisman, Val's dog who is treated just like a person; Percy, who was a money guy that still wears old-fashioned bows and isn't quite 21st century. There are a lot of other great characters - a broker who is obsessed with all things Star Trek, a super-religious broker who invokes Jesus and God in all her dealings.

I found some of the dialogue to be a teeny bit dramatic, but on the whole I enjoyed it. Afterall, there was quite a variety of characters - all different and all with quirks. Be aware, that even though this book is mostly humorous, there are a couple of things that are sad - but it's handled quickly and handled well.

Red Hot Property was a fun read.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Thank you for the wonderful review Mardel! I'm so pleased you enjoyed RED HOT PROPERTY. The sequel, RED HOT LIBERTY, will be out this spring. It takes up right where RED HOT LIBERTY left off!

    If anyone would like more information about either RED HOT PROPERTY or RED HOT LIBERTY, I invite them to visit my website:

  3. y'know - I DO want to know what happens next. Does Molly continue learning to balance things out. Does Rose last much longer, How Rita Talisman is doing....There's a lot I want to see a bit more of.