Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Teasers

Well, we apparently all survived Monday. Sort of. Mostly.

Just because I finished Killbox tonight, and am seriously wanting to re-read Grimspace....

I'm putting a teaser up for Ann Aguirre's Grimspace, the first of the Sirantha Jax series.

From page 5
"Assuming the lotus position, he still doesn't say a word, and just as I'm thinking this is getting weird, he cants his head toward his open palm. I lean over so I can read something that's inked onto his hand:
Say nothing for 60 seconds. "

So good!

The Replacement - Now for the book that I'm currently reading. Started it tonight, but between granddaughter, grandson, and computer inputting for work, I haven't gotten very far yet. However, sometimes you can tell within the first few pages that you're going to like a book very much, simply from the style of writing. This seems to be one of those book. In the first two chapters, I've already felt some little goosebumps...and this is a Young Adult book - not horror, not really suspense...but it's fantasy. And something creepy is going on in this town...

from page 43:
"Mrs. Brummel was tall and thin, with bleached hair and a lot of different sweaters. She got very exceited about the kind of literature that no reasonable person would ever read for fun."

I just love that last sentence. I'm sure everyone has met someone like that....hey - don't take it wrong if you ARE someone like that! :) Nothing wrong with being unreasonable..... (yes there is...lol)

Sorry - no links for authors tonight, big hurry. Will fix later...maybe, no promises.


  1. The Replacement sounds interesting the way you describe it.

    Stopping by from TT: Here's ours:

  2. I love the sound of the first book and I'll need to check it out. THanks for sharing :)

    Here's my Tuesday Teaser

  3. Those both look great - I'm going to have to go check them out.

  4. Great Teaser! I really want to read the replacement. I agree I think everybody met somebody like that. It reminded me of my 9th grade english teacher!

    Here is my teaser: http://bookbookie.blogspot.com/2010/09/teaser-tuesday_21.html

  5. Love The Replacement teaser. Hope you like it! My teaser is at The Crowded Leaf.

  6. Good teaser! I need to start reading the Replacements, it looks so good!

    My teaser is up at Find the Time to Read

  7. How very intriguing, both of them. My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2010/09/teaser-tuesdays-your-presence-is-requested-at-suvanto.html

  8. Oh wow, I love the cover for The Replacement. Will have to check these books out. Thanks for sharing....yay for surviving monday! Haha.

    Here's my teaser: The Red Tree by Caitlin R Kiernan

  9. Grimspace is a cool book, I haven't read The Replacement. I hope that you're enjoying them. Check out my Tuesday Teaser.

  10. Wow, fabulous teasers! I can't wait to read these. My TT from City of Ashes is here.
    From the Shadows

  11. Looove both your teasers - they are great!
    And thank you for reminding me about this book by Ann. I've read another Blue Diablo book by her, and liked it. Looking forward to reading this one.
    Come visit my site - i focus on ebooks and ebook readers!
    e-Volving Books

  12. Those are great teasers! The Replacement sounds like something I need to check out. Love the line about "a lot of different sweaters"! Wonderful.
    Here's my teaser from The Dark Half.

  13. oh love Grimspace series! Am ready to read Doubleblind.

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