Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doc Stories (Julie Campbell)

Ladies & Gents

Remember my post about Julie Campbell and her fiction?

Remember the link for the Doc Stories?

Over at Vampire Kissed*, Julie has submitted her first Doc Story, Vampire Kissed and The Eye

Doc is a vampire hunting dog, and has a few stories up now on Ms Julie's website. They are good and different - told from the dog's perspective (and you can tell that the author knows about dogs). Go on over and show short story some love. Show some short story Vampire Hunting Dog story love (I am loving this premise, a border collie using the EYE to hunt vampires) - read the stories and Vote for Julie Campbell (of course I'm hoping her stories are your favorite).

*Vampire Kissed is a website hosted by Devin O'Branagan, author of Glory and Red Hot Property, which seems to have some quirky characters (I love quirky characters)


  1. Have I ever mentioned how awesome you are?

  2. *Loved* Vampire Kissed and The Eye! Thanks for the link, and have duly voted :-)