Friday, June 21, 2013

The Moths of Miller Place by J.A. Campbell - micro review

I have been reading and enjoying all kinds of Doc and Brown stories, but for some odd reason, I can't find where I've actually reviewed them...which is weird, because of course, when you want to support a writer you love, you review their work, help get some notice about them even if your blog is a very teeny tiny blog amidst an ocean of book blogs.  (wow, see how wordy I can get? sometimes I surprise myself).

The Moths of Miller Place
a Doc the Vampire Hunting Dog story

Cover - I  happen to know that the model for this cover is actually a REAL dog, and she's a border collie, owned by the author, who is a multi-talented woman.  But - back to the cover.  Look at the background, the little moths flying around looking so harmless....the dog giving that special look - THE EYE.  Oh,  yeah, the, the cover rocks.  And let me tell you - sometimes e-books have THE WORST covers.  So I am happy when I see a  good cover on an e-book.

The Moths of Miller Place is one of a few Doc short stories.  In this story, Doc and his human (Kevin) and their new friend (Jake, a wolf-human aka werewolf) are traveling together.  They stop at a place that rents cabins, and rent a cabin.  The owner leaves them with a dire warning - "Don't turn on your lights after dark".  and in a lower voice..."It's the migration."  That's all she says about it, like they know what that means.  Of course, they're thinking she's kind of whacko, except later, another person gives them pretty much the same warning.
Only this guy adds that the migration is about moths, and " t'aint natural".  {Now I don't know about you - but I've never been worried about moths - although they do freak my granddaughter out.}
These moths...aren't your everyday moths.  But like moths everywhere, they are attracted to light.  When they get in where the light is...oh boy.

Now this was a fun story - and like all of her Doc and Brown stories, Campbell really sounds like she knows what a dog would think like.  Not only does her dog character interact with his human, but there is always one or two other animal characters that have bit parts in these fun short stories.  And the conversations between Doc and in this case, the cat that belongs to the landlady are fun to read.  All of Campbell's animal characters sound and behave as I would like to imagine them to think.  She has a real talent for putting herself in the animals' heads.  Amazing.

I enjoyed this story very much and recommend it to lovers of fantasy, urban fantasy, light horror (haha, is that a real genre?  it should be), and animal fiction.  This and the other dog stories she writes has a wonderful mix of horror, fantasy and animals.  The best of all genres.  

If you've been reading any of J.A. Campbell's work, then you already know that here is a woman who can write.  She comes up with great stories, with interesting twists - some of them are serious topics done with humor (not slaptick,  humor for humor's sake, but a chuckle here and there in the midst of a situation). Her stories range from a series about a high school senior who was turned into a vampire against her will - (a girl who didn't even believe in vampires), to a two character series of books featuring dogs (Doc the Vampire Hunting dog and Brown, the Ghost Hunting dog), to a soon to be release story of an Arabian Horse (the breed, not set in Arabia) and the teen who travels into different worlds with her (Tales of the Traveler), to a series about a teen who has been 'relocated', and steampunk; along with her other novels she also is co-founder of InkWolf Press.

Campbell is also taking on the role of editor for Steampunk Trails.  If you think you have something to offer, take a look at this link.


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    1. You're welcome - the review was way overdue. I thought I had already done this. Which is one of the reasons I keep a page with a list of books I've read, which I then link to reviews. Of course, sometimes I forget to list a book I've read and then...I'm s.o.l. :)

      I'm pretty sure I have other reviews to catch up on; that was one of my goals this year, to get more with it on the reviewing. oops. :}