Thursday, June 20, 2013

Island of the Sequened Love Nun by Christopher Moore

Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Christopher Moore


Cover - these covers just trip.  They're like reading the comics.  they contain a tease of the story, and the artwork is good, comic style.  Short and Sweet - I love this cover.

**I read this waaayyy back in 2009.  This is one of those books that I forgot to review...(not being on any kind of schedule or time line....)**  

I totally enjoy Christopher Moore novels.  Some more than others, (of course ).  They are always multifaceted (I know me some big words), with quirky and twisted characters.  In Island of the Sequined Love Nun (I was SURE that sequined, should have been spelled with two n's - sequinned.  But apparently not.- useless bit of trivia for you)

The main character is Tucker Case, who had a job flying a plane for Mary Jean cosmetics (sound familiar?), a Pink plane (even more familiar?) and his story begins with a bang.  The book opens up with him hanging from a tree, and a 'native' standing there saying "yum".   Yup - he's crashed the pink plane.
If he lives through the next encounter (might be dinner, after all) he probably will out of a job.
Now Tucker is trying keep a step ahead of Mary's 'people', find work, and stay alive.  The book is full of Moore's characteristically zany characters - such as sexy priestess, a missionary man who happens to be a doctor, a talking fruit bat, and a ghost.  
With these character Moore manages to poke fun at body organ black market, cults, religion, huge pink cosmetic companies, alcoholics and yes - animals that talk.
Christopher Moore has a way with words - he can write satire, dark satire with great dialogue and fun plot twists.
I haven't yet read a Moore book that I didn't enjoy - some I like better than others, but I enjoy all of them.
I wasn't disappointed with Island of the Sequined Love Nun. You should read it.
You will chuckle - it's not slapstick book comedy, but the situations and plots are funny.  After finishing one of his novels, I'm always left with the yearning to buy more of his books.k  I haven't read all of them yet - mainly because they are ALL in either hardback form or trade ppb size which affects the price - of course. :)

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