Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Monday, and thanks for the Holiday

It's been only two full weeks of work and I'm exhausted.  Ugh.  By the end of each week so far, I'm feeling like I have a fever (I don't) and feeling so much pain and exhaustion - then again - it's kind of cool, because at least I have a job.  It's not the highest paying job, and the benefits aren't that great - but it's a job.  And because I'm working there, My grandkids get to attend if they have to.  Which is a nice perk.  We used it on Friday- my granddaughter went to Kinder care (one hour) and then to day care.  She had fun the entire time she was there.  She did art projects, played with other kids, and seemed to enjoy her self very much.  Then, when it was time to go - she saw her Papa (grandpa) pull up to pick us up.  She grabbed her backpack and cartwheeled to the door, yelling "papa!"  Her energy - we all need it. :)
So it's Sunday night - late, I'm still a little tired and very glad I don't have to work tomorrow - but still glad I have a job.

It is That Time again - It's Monday, What Are You Reading? Hosted  by Sheila of Book Journey - full guidelines are available on her website. (click on cute boy picture for link)
My reading wasn't especially inspired this week, though I did read a pretty fun short story.

Finished Reading Last Week;

The Moths of Miller Place
e-book, short
currently available

hell of a good short story - would love to see a full length novel sometime in the future featuring Doc - Vampire Hunting Dog.

What I'm Reading Now:

Another Kind of Dead
urban fantasy
available now

Good so far - not sure why I put off reading it so long.  I'm enjoying it, but it's going to be put aside again, because hey- Ann Aguirre just released her latest....

available now

Soooo excited, and at the same time kinda of sad - because this is the final Sirantha Jax episode.  The last of a very cool SciFi series.  Well - glad is was written, glad I found it, and glad I went with the impulse to buy - cause I've enjoyed each of the novels.

No plans for next week's reading - If I happen to finish reading these current reads, I've got another SciFi book here waiting for me too open - if I'm in the mood for SciFi after Endgame.  We'll just have to see how it goes.  I do know, that the last month has been a very good month for book reading - seems most of the novels I pick are extremely enjoyable to read novels.  Only two have been bleh style for me, and I put them aside.  Not wasting time on things I don't enjoy. 

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  1. Energy is wasted on the young!

    Have a great reading week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. It sure is - I just want some of her energy. Too bad we can't put some aside when we're young. Save it for a rainy day/old age kind of thing. LOL. Sometimes I just sit here at home and just watch the two grandchildren in amazement - they run back and forth, up and down, everywhere they go, they run. It's amazing. :)

    2. Energy is definitely wasted on the young ;) They don't appreciate it! Hope you have a more relaxing week coming up!

      The Relentless Reader

    3. If you can get past the totally exhausted feeling from just watching her run around, then it's very fun seeing her enjoyment of life. I think that's what I like about kids the most - they are so exuberant about everything. :)
      I just need to get in the swing of things (or some vitamins!)

  2. Unfortunately for us adults we have to depend on caffeine for our energy boost. Sigh if only I drank it lol. Maybe a relaxing soak in the bath will ease some of that pain and a good book should do the rest! The Anne Aguirre series is on my TBR mountain ... story of my life, need more hours in the day!
    Happy reading whatever you manage to get to :)

    1. sigh... a good soak, a heating pad, my little dog next to me and a good book in my hands....and then there's the meds - helping to make life a little more livable. :) Reading and the grandkids being around does help - it's nice, even if I can't run around after them - they run up to me and give kisses and hugs - sweet little kids. :)

  3. I know the "at least I have a job" feeling. When I'm dragging myself up in the morning, I sometimes have to think to myself, "You get a paycheck, girl, get up!!!" :)

    "Doc - Vampire Hunting Dog" - hilarious. Makes ME want to read it!

    Enjoy your reading week!

    1. '"You get a paycheck, girl, get up!!!"'
      That's what I'm going to have to tell myself to help get going.

      At the moment, there are two Doc books available for download, possibly print (first one for sure) and there are free Doc stories at Campbell's website. Fun stories