Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Teaser, some reminders....a busy Tuesday

Don't Forget ...

recent releases - the fourth Spellcrackers.com novel; The Shifting Price of Prey is now available in the UK.  The entire series is worth buying and reading, good stories, plots, dialogue and characters. By Suzanne McLeod.  For U.S. readers who don't want to wait for the U.S. release, there is always the Book Depository (my favorite way of getting books not available in the United States).

J.A. Campbell is holding a
fundraiser to help the wolves that have been affected in Colorado from fires.  She explains this much better than I do.  But basically, a  percentage of all of her Doc;Vampire Hunting Dog sales in a certain time period go towards helping the wolves.  I've bought an e-copy of the latest - The Moths of Miller Place and will soon buy  a couple print copies of the first Doc novella to add to our school library collection.  While you are at her website, learning about her fundraising efforts for the wolf sanctuary, take a few extra minutes to read about her other writing projects.  She's published a few novels and has others in the works.  This is one very busy young lady. On top of all of that, she is raising a border collie, taking her round to sheepherding lessons AND she is owned by a few cats.  

And Now - the real reasons for Tuesdays....
it's time for Teaser Tuesday!
Yes, it's that time again.  It's Tuesday, that wonderful day after Monday, the day we tease each other with teasers from our current reads.  This week, I am reading at least three novels.  One, I'll probably finish in a day, and the other two will be going back and forth between until I 'settle' on one for the finish.  (ugh - that's either vaguely dirty or sporty sounding - not sure which)  The first novel is....

sadly, the last of a wonderful SciFi series
from page 145 

'     "He seems to be laboring under the impression that he stands in the way of our grand passion."  By the rapid twitch of his mandible, Vel is hideously amused.
     "I'm going to kill him."
     "No need for violence when our passionate love has been acknowledged at last."
     "So you suffer the agonies of the damned due to our fierce, unconsummated devotion?"  I eye him, wondering how far he'll take this.  "Well, I'm in the mood for revenge sex, and I might be drunk enough to do unspeakable things to you." '

is it just me, or are a lot of these covers looking the same?
from the new Shadowstorm series comes
Blades of Winter
from page 77

'     I ask our host if we're being followed, and he says,  
''Mais oui! I am always followed.  With a handsome face like zis, how can it not be so?''  He laughs as he swerves onto a highway entrance ramp.
     Trick and I look at each other.  It's not the first time we've wondered if Jacques is actually a Martian.'
Now, I'm finished with the teaser bit.  I was going to include three, but changed my mind. This particular post is probably long enough, and the day begins early for me tomorrow.  Things to do, people to see, books to shelve, etc.

New Doctor Who season - the last one with Rory and Amy.  Next episode is September 8th, on BBC; for all those Doctor Who fans - you know you're out there. :)


  1. lol my teaser is taken from Endgame too. I haven't got as far as page 145 yet but it is making me to hurry up my reading.

    Here is mine Claire's Book Corner