Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday, Shakira and a possible book challenge

After a two years in a row of utter fail in reading challenges, I decided - in fact, PROMISED - not to join any more book reading challenges. But since then I came across this

and decided just one easygoing challenge wouldn't hurt. After all, it's low key; it's to encourage reading of books that have been on my TBR shelf/pile/mound/hill/MOUNTAIN; It's only one book a month - I can surely read one book a month, right?
{hosted by Dollycas via Goodreads}
sigh...Then I come across Beth's blog and find

Yes. This person is hosting a Terry Pratchett related reading challenge...

Now, I'm not committing myself to it yet {oh hell, you know I'm going to end up at least trying this!}, but if you're a Discworld fan, then you know how tempting this is. Very. I love reading this guy, and he comes through with a book every year - usually around October.
If you're interested in this challenge, go over to
OnceUponATime, {click on Terry Pratchett's pic above for the challenge link}

Most likely, I'll be joining - I love reading Terry Pratchett's work and it'll be nice to have an excuse to go back and re-read his work. I'm mostly up to date with his releases, so most of my challenge reads would have to be re-reads. The only thing I haven't read by him is Unseen Academicals in his discworld series. there's an unrelated to Discworld series novel coming out next called The Long Earth which sounds very intriguing - different from his normal work. But then Pratchett does write other things besides the Discworld - not as much, but some others. :) I'm willing to give the other work a try.

Which brings me to Waiting On Wednesday {frequently known as WOW}; I haven't posted one of these for a while {sometimes it's hard to keep up, folks...especially when I'm trying to expand my city in Cityville, find hidden pics in Hidden Chronicles and killing Zombies in Zombie Lane! That's a lot of hard work, very consuming *g* DAMN you FaceBook!}. Today, I feel the need to post an WOW.
Hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine, W0W is a great place to post books we're waiting to read, waiting even to see published.

Suzanne McLeod will have her fourth Spellcrackers.com novel out, which I'm looking forward to very much.

The Shifting Price of Prey is slated to be released in the UK June of 2012. If I have to order from The Book Depository, that's what I'm doing {I HATE waiting for the U.S. release, *g*} The continuing adventures of Genny and co. With McLeod's writing, narration, characters, and dialogue I know I'm going to enjoy The Shifting Price of Prey. Want to see some cool covers? click here for the German version of the Spellcrackers.com novels - love the covers.

As I mentioned earlier {or, higher up in this post} I'm looking forward to reading Terry Pratchett's upcoming The Long Earth. Started way back in the 1980's, apparently this manuscript was put aside when the Discworld books were demanding Pratchett's attention. Lately, Stephen Baxter has teamed up with Pratchett to finish up this novel; it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. Pratchett once before teamed up with another writer {Neil Gaiman on Good Omens} and that turned out pretty good. Sorry - can't find an excerpt of this yet.

Now what should we end with?

another LOLcat? or a music video?

Shakira - an appearance via David Letterman

Shakira takes Salsa dance to a whole 'nother level. Good way to stay in shape, yeah?


  1. Hahaha I love that cat! SOO cute!! And all of these books are new to me I'll have to check em out!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Great WOW choice and LOL on the acceptance of your fate with reading challenges and yet joining a few. ^_^ It's hard to stay on track with them I'm sure (yes, I've yet to join one myself....fear I'd fair the same!) but BEST OF LUCK to you with these two as they sound like fun! Happy reading!

  3. Good choice the books sounds interesting, I hear ya about reading challenges I never finish either but it gives me some structure so I keep doing them. Here's my WOW -http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/02/waiting-on-wednesday-43/

  4. GMR - well, it's only the second month, but so far I'm on track for the Just for Fun challenge. LOL that's the one with one book a month. Easy. The other one I'll have to start next week, I think.

    Giselle - I love cat pics. Only have one cat though. :)

    Sonya - The books are interesting. Great reading, lots of action.