Tuesday, February 7, 2012

music - different styles

from an article about Die Antwoord, (Times Live) about their upcoming appearance on David Letterman's show.

One Twitter user called Werner said: "Goodness knows what international people must think of South Africans when they see this act."
Don't worry, Werner we know this must be a rare act.

"Another called Dagggers tweeted: "AgNOOOOOOman. Die Antwoord is going on the David Letterman show!!!! Hey Yanks, I'm so very sorry."<>

Yeah, thanks Dagggers, I see what you mean- I watched it Monday night and I see what they mean. But thanks for thinking of us.

If it weren't for the obvious special effects, and the baby minnie mouse voice of the lead singer - there really wasn't much to enjoy. The music was ...well, rave like music which of course, is fun to dance to. But my overall impressions was ....they're trying to hard to shock people. Not sure if I liked it or not. but no matter what I thought about it, someone was impressed enough to book them on Letterman. Usually I find I'm enjoying some kickass rock or blues on his show.
But then there's this from the article.

The provocative nature of Die Antwoord's videos and songs seem to have resonated more with US music fans than locally.
silly american youth - although I like to think it's more along the lines of a fad - a weird thing that some of the young ones like in a totally "check out this weird shit" way. Well, we've got our quirky youths also.

Well, you decide, though I might have enjoyed it more if I listened with my eyes closed. LOL

now take a look at this following video - Sallie Ford and the Sound - both are different, new, and a bit edgy - yet one is more fun to watch and listen to. Well - for me, anyway. But then that's life, and that's different tastes for you

finally - here is Wilken. My baby son is on drums. (shameless mama plug)

Seriously - look up Wilken or follow the link, you'll see other songs by these guys. Raw talent, good listening

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