Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Monday! Happy B-day Abe!

disclaimer - none of the LOL cats pictured here were captioned by me; last week I posted pics that I captioned, but I caption very few. However, I love to share the funny pics that I find. I also like to find them on other blogs. (hint)

Here we are at another Monday. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at my granddaughter's fifth birthday. I remember clear as day, the night she was born. We might have broken hospital records on the amount of people in the room - no one wanted to leave and once things got busy, my daughter ended up wanting us all in there. Mom, Dad, husband, two of her brothers, sister-in-law, my sister, other sister in law, mother in law, and I think a couple of others...(hmph - guess it's not quite clear as day!) anyway - it was quite a day, quite an experience. I know that my grandbaby seemed the most comfortable when the people who attended her birth were around her while she was a baby.

Well, on to bookish memes

It's Monday, What Are You Reading is hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. I'm not going to get very fancy here, I feel a headache coming on and I need to go lay down with a book (haha-really)

I have just finished reading As Lie The Dead by Kelly Meding.
As Lie The Dead is a good sequel to her first novel in the Dreg City series. review coming up (Just remembered the three other reviews I haven't yet written)

I think I'm going to read Marjorie M. Liu next - The Mortal Bone. This is from the Hunter Kiss series, which I love

That's it for now, unless I suddenly decide to go back to one of the other books that I've put aside; or maybe go to a non-urban fantasy novel. There is this book called Sharp Shooter that I made the effort to order from overseas a long time ago....then of course, I put it on a shelf and leave it there forever. Typical.

Leaving you with a pole dancing cat

Didn't post any links, other than to Book Journey and LOL Catz. I'll try to fix later. Time for bed.....


  1. Some interesting reads . . . nice week!

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  2. Looks like you had a busy reading week :) Love the cat LoL's!

    Happy Reading Week!!