Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuesday! means Teaser Tuesday

Before you do anything else, if you haven't yet come across this, click here and read a great little spoof of Prince Charming

Today's lol cat pics have been captioned by me, though it's a dream of mine to come up with anything as funny as many I've seen

I love Tuesdays for the simple fact that Tuesday has brought me one day away from Monday and just a few more days til the weekend. ;) And this weekend my very first grandchild (I have a whopping two grandchildren) will turn FIVE years old. Time flies. sigh.

So! Back to the book stuff. Teaser Tuesday - we read, we tease, you want. full guidelines are at MizB's site Should Be Reading.

Remember, I try, whenever at all possible, to provide links to excerpts under the book covers. Just for you. I always appreciate links to excerpts, so I try to make sure I put links up (when I'm not being lazy)
I've been reading a slew of books - but I feel like posting teasers from a couple of my fav writers

The Bitter Seed of Magic by Suzanne McLeod has recently had its US release, having been out in the UK since Februrary of 2011 - I also have a page here with a longer teaser that Ms McLeod provided.
from page 175;

"Moving almost too fast for me to see, she was standing in front of me, the sharp end of a bronze knife hovering steadily under my chin. I held my ground, ignoring my hitching pulse, and flicked a finger against the blade. 'Nice toy,' I said."
See? good writing, fun dialogue, kick ass women...oh yeah!
from another one of my fav writers - up and coming writer who is continuously working on one writing project or another - seriously, this girl has lots of great stories in her head - is Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog

from page 24;
'I growled. He met my angry gaze with his own and growled back. I didn't care if he was a wolf shaped like a human. I wasn't going to let him hurt Kevin.'

Love it - the whole wolf shaped like a human. Doc also refers to vampires as dead-things. For her readers, Ms Campbell has written a new short Doc story,(Doc's Dream Girl) available at My Random Muse,

One of my current reads is Kelly Meding's second novel, As Lie The Dead. I'm enjoying this one so much, I almost forgot to get ready for work this afternoon. Made the mistake of starting to read it while I was waiting for the pain meds to thing I knew it was almost time to go. It's that engrossing.

from page 72;

'A shadow flickered in the corner of my vision. My stomach clenched, senses on immediate alert.'

creepy! **
That's it for now - and below is the other captioned-by-me LOL cat. If you've never heard of these before, there's this website. You can join, and there are many many pics with funny and/or sarcastic captions. All the pics are available to be re-captioned by anyone. There are also pics that have no captions, just waiting for one; it's also possible to upload your own cute or funny cat pic for others to caption. So far, I've been inspired four times - made five captions. It's not easy (for me) to come up with them, but it's fun and I'm happy I came up with the few I did. :)

**speaking of creepy....have you ever been laying in bed (no not that kind of creepy) trying to sleep when you feel the mattress suddenly dip down. You know the dip down, like when a cat jumps up on the bed right next you, or the dog jumps up or when someone sits down on the mattress? It's a dip on a certain spot, a small dip. Well, this has happened to me a few times lately - everyone is asleep - I'm usually the last person up - and the dogs are all snoring and sleeping at the feet of our bed (under the covers, of course), when I've felt a definite dip movement on the bed, behind me right about shoulder level. Each time it felt like our cat (who is pretty hefty) jumped up. I would turn to pet him and NOTHING IS THERE. seriously. No cat, the dogs are still asleep and no one is about. Now I've heard sounds that make me think there are ghosts, and I've had people in our previous houses say they've seen people that don't exist in our house at night. We've all seen the a flash of our dead cat's ghost. But it's all been non physical things. Until we lived in this house. There was that time long ago when I couldn't move and a light was shining in the window, and I heard loud footsteps. Then there was another time when me and the two grandchildren were sleeping in the other room and suddenly the whole room became extremely dark, couldn't see anything - and I could swear it felt like something was in the room. It lasted for only a short while and suddenly the room was light enough to see as much as you can normally see on a night with no lights on - the moonlight shining in, etc. But I've never before felt the bed moving when NO ONE was around, and the cat was nowhere to be seen. Now that's creepy. LOL - just needed to get that off my chest.


  1. That vampire hunting dog sounds like a fun read.

    Here's ours, one fantasy fiction about Alaska and one non-fiction--Tim Tebow's book:

  2. Aww Happy Birthday to your grandchild :-D
    Great teasers, i like the sound of 'As Lie the Day'

    Sounds like a creepy experience!! I was always so skeptical about things like that until my last house- It was insanely creepy!!

    Here's my TT for this week: