Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday and Book B-Day coming up

I haven't posted a Waiting On Wednesday meme for quite a while...and I've been waiting for books! as always. LOL

Waiting On Wednesday is hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine. Full guidelines available at Breaking the Spine. I'm listing three books that I've been waiting for, and all three are established writers, all favorite authors. One was just released this week (getting myself to the bookstore very soon!), one comes out in November and the other one comes out

Snuff by Terry Pratchett came out in hardback October 11th. One of my rare auto in hardback buys now, as soon as I can, I'm treating myself to a copy. It's hard for me to describe just why I like Terry Pratchett's writing so much. Some of the complaints I've heard from readers are parts of the reasons I love reading his novels (varying pov, jumping from character to character and back again - love this type of writing, keeps you on your toes! and it's really not that hard to keep up.) This is one of the few series, that has over 30 books that I've enjoyed and am enjoying every single novel. This guy could keep going and going and I'd be happy. But he won't, since he's ended up with Alzheimer's which will eventually end his writing career long before it should have.

Reckoning by Lili St.Crow is another bittersweet wait - it's the final novel in the Strange Angels' series. The fifth and final. One of my rare young adult reads, I've enjoyed them since the first novel and have found it refreshingly dark, even with the inevitible teen angst. It all fits, and I enjoy the main character's attitude and teen anger. Due out October 27th, 2011.

Finally - Magic On The Line is the 7th Allie Beckstrom novel and very close to the end of this series. Smart of Devon Monk - to end the series while it's still popular. Seems like a hard call, also. On one hand, why end a good series, and on the other when do you end it, how do you tell when it might be going down hill, what if it would stay popular, etc? November 1st is the release date for this soon to end series' next novel. Bittersweet on all novels. I can honestly say that things won't seem the same without the Discworld novels, and it'll be a joyful shame to be reading the final novels of the other two series that I enjoy so much. On the other hand, with Devon Monk and Lili St.Crow always going in new directions and thinking with their writerly brains, I'm pretty sure that we're going to be treated to more from them. And then there's always my other favorite British author ....
Suzanne McLeod - who has a U.S. book b-day coming up. In December, The Bitter Seed of Magic will come out in paperback over here in the States. It's also coming out in mmppb (mass market ppb size). It's been out in the UK in hardcover - time to celebrate the ppb version! If you've been waiting for the US ppb to come out.

If you've been a fan, and have signed up for McLeod's newsletter, then you'll see that there is a special contest for newsletter subscribers. If you're not as subscriber, then you should definitely check this newsletter out ('cause the contest is very generous). It's very easy to join - just click here to sign up for her newsletter and the rest will follow. Or click here to find out more about being a part of her Clan

Along with having book b-days and contest, Ms Suzanne is being interviewed - more information is on her blog. Seems she's sharing some interview space with Ann Rice, which is pretty cool. Hopefully Suzanne's part will survive the inevitable edits that always seem to take place with interviews, but how exciting for her.

I've just spent a very long time waiting for blogger to upload a short video of my grandchildren. I give up. It's taking so long that you're now either to be disappointed or spared (whichever you choose to be) the unbearable cuteness of my two grandchildren battling with two soft bowling pins (used them as swords). It was pretty cool, because this was from last winter, just about the time when Liliana started realizing that her cousin is pretty fun to play with. She was doing slow motion moves, he was fighting her pretty softly and waiting like a gentleman when her back was to him (could have taken her down, but he chose to wait. He's a very thoughtful, considerate opponent.) This is probably a good thing for y'all because, (snickerk shickWerk hahahaha). also had plans of sharing videos of them playing the drums, dancing in the kitchen, and in geneal being very cute, as grandchildren often are. And THEN I was going to share videos of the pets - playing, chasing the grandkids, just barely escaped...

MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ....(but then - of course, there's always YouTube!!! go ahead - you know you want to. click on it. good rock blues)


  1. Great picks! I've been meaning to start the Strange Angels series.

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  2. Glad to have you back...great picks!

  3. Need to start the Strange Angels series. Sounds really good. New follower. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.

  4. Aw, {hugs} and thanks, Mardel! And guess what? We're waiting on the same books (especially Devon's - can't wait!) *g*

  5. I can't wait for more of Suzanne's writing and I'm actually behind on Lili St Crow's stuff. For shame.