Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grandchildren and t.v. shows

I look forward to Wednesday nights. My favorite night for watching silly sit-coms. I laugh and laugh, even though I usually end up watching them by myself with only the dogs watching me laugh. The spouse is usually in the bedroom watching any sit-com show that's been filmed before 1998. Seriously. His favorite shows are RoseAnn, Yes Dear, The King of Queens and for his one major concession to the 21st century programming - Pitt Boss.
I sat down, too tired to eat dinner and thought I would stretch out, rest the back. Woke up just in time for the start of
Middle. Watched about 10 minutes of it and woke up again, just in time to see the beginning of Suburgatory....then I woke up yet again just in time to watch the second 10 minutes of Modern Family...and again in time to see the last five minutes of it. DAMN!

Well, I told myself. At least I can watch Happy Endings....I saw about five minutes of that one.


Then, at 10 p.m. I am wide awake (of course). Wide awake and pissed off that I missed everysingle favorite show! So I went book shopping on Abe Books. Ordered a few used books of authors that I've read the first novel of a series.

Sandra McDonald's The Stars Down Under

John Meaney's Black Blood

Jaine Fenn's Cosort of Heaven.

All of them with free shipping. Under $20, which helps when I'm on a book budget.
Then, I found out that I can watch full episodes of some of my favorite shows online!


Grand-Pets; substituting for grandchildren
When you get to a certain age; when your children are all grown and it's time for grandchildren, there is no guarantee that you're going to get grandchildren from them. I consider myself blessed that I do have one granddaughter and one grandson. Sometimes you just have to take what you get. And sometimes you get a grandkitty. That's right...a grandkitty. This is the newest grandkitty. And true to grandbaby type duties, last night I ended up cleaning up a bottom, washing pee soaked towels (with the help of the proud new owner) and even feeding it a kitty bottle. This kitty is three weeks old, drinking out of a small cat bottle because the mother was a feral cat that died after giving birth to three kittens. A couple took the three babies in and in a clever move brought them to visit a bar (in an area with many hippy & bohemian types) and found homes for all three baby kittens with people who were just buzzed enough to think it's a great idea to take home kittens that have to be bottle fed and hugged alot. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Just in the few hours that they were visiting our house, the kitty became comfortable enough to climb over to my arm and fall asleep draped lengthwise along my forearm. Strange little thing. Showed no fear or hesitation to our two dogs, just looked at them. No hissing, no hunching, just looked at them. Meowed a lot, but also purred and snuggled. At one point she even tried to breastfeed from my son's neck. LOL. Possibly not the smartest cat in the world. :)

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