Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Madness

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I'm keeping it short and sweet, since I had a busy weekend and stayed up way too late reading (again)

I finally did it. Finally, I finished a book. I not only finished reading a book, but I finished reading two books. Combined with watching my favorite t.v. shows this week and falling asleep on the couch every evening this week, that's about all I accomplished...but se la Vi.
I finally finished Peacekeeper by Laura E Reeve and Principles of Angels by Jaine Fenn. I've developed a headache tonight, so I'm failing at providing book or author links...hopefully I'll catch up on that later.

I will say, though, that each of the books I finished (both SciFi in different ways) were very interesting, even though it took me so long to read. It wasn't any reflection on the books, just my own issues with sleeping, working and etc. Now I've picked up the second in the series by Laura E. Reeve, titled Vigilante, and have just started it....


  1. Cool books. Congrats on finishing them.

  2. There are worse things we could do than stay up late reading :) Enjoy the week!

  3. All new to me.

    I spent last week rebooting my blog on Wordpress. I hope you will stop by and let me know what you think.


  4. Headaches are bumers. Ii hate anything that makes it hard to read. Principles of angels has an interesting title.I'd like to hear more about that one.

  5. fo'sho' Tahlia. I've been getting them more often. Need to start those neck & shoulder exercises back up. helped the last time I had daily headaches. or I just need more drugs LOL (jk)I need to catch up on reviews too; I'll be working on this one soon. I ordered the second book the other day. :)