Monday, October 10, 2011

It's M o n d a y

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We all get "together" to list what we're reading, what we've finished and sometimes a bit of what we've been up to.

When I look back on this last week of reading and "posting" I realize that I accomplished pretty much nothing. Nada. No-thing. You might as well re-read last week's It's Monday post by me - it's the same books, and the same situation of not having actually finished any novels. I feel like I've picked up these books and opened them, read some of each....In fact, I was really getting into Principles of Angels, things are coming to a head and BAMMMM! - I misplace the book. In between bouts of sleeping today, I looked all over the house for Principles of Angels. I finally gave up around midnight, and settled down to write a post about how I didn't finish any books and am still reading the current novels and then this movie comes on. Easy A is a movie that I had previously dismissed as being another farcical teenage come and get the sex movie. For some reason (Stanley Tucci - so many different movies, so many great characters) I was drawn into the movie and pleasantly surprised by the humor, the actions and situations of that the characters kept getting into. Of course some of it was predictable, but the actors all carried it off. Wow - and the parents, what a quirky strange set of parents. Loved them. Enjoyed the movie very much.
I didn't write any book reviews, but I did a kind of tongue in cheek recipe - it's loosely written recipe for an accidently tasty dish I cooked on one of my rare cooking nights.

I spent the day in bed today - last night I apparently lost my mind and did about three loads of laundry. I can usually do about one - that seems to be the sane amount for me (for my body). But something came over me and I ended up washing three loads, and FOLDING THEM TOO. Amazing. Of course, only half of that amount ended up in drawers and in the closet. I have a half basket sitting here, eyeing me accusingly - waiting for me to put them clothes away. There is another basket with pants on hangers - they know better to eye me with accusation - or to expect anything out of me. That basket is waiting patiently for me to get around to dealing with them. Maybe next weekend. As it is, I have a whole week of work to look forward to.
After laundering into the wee hours, I was exhausted today. I slept a bit, and then could NOT stay awake for more than two hours. My poor granddaughter must have been bored to tears...Really, I have to hand it to her. Everytime I woke up, she was either watching a show by me, playing with our dolls or playing with the laptop, doing activities on Nick Jr. She even figured out how to get on the internet, and from there open our favorites file, find the Nick Jr. icon and get on the page all by her self. She was very excited to show me she could do this. She's been experimenting on the internet for a while - playing on it since before she was three - but this is the first time she made ALL the steps to getting on a page by herself.
Baby is growing up (lol - she's only four years old)
Some how, even with all of my napping, I managed to feed my granddaughter lunch, a few snacks and dinner. She gave me numerous hugs and kisses (maybe trying to keep me awake?) and lots of smiles. I still managed to read a few picture books to her (the same ones over and over the past few weeks), she seemed happy even as I was putting her to bed.
It's late now, and even with all my sleep, I need to try to sleep now - hopefully next week will be more productive. I've been taking vitamins B-12 and D for the past four weeks. I'm still waiting for them to kick in, haven't noticed any upswing in energy levels. Hah! maybe they don't really work!
Til Tomorrow - (Teaser Tuesday...maybe)


  1. I've had weeks like that when I don't get much done and then I have weeks like last week when all I did was read. Hope you have a more productive week coming up!

    Stop by my It's Monday post if you get a chance.

  2. I'm hoping to finish at least one book. Man - even today I was sleepy! came home from work and almost fell asleep, then after dinner almost fell asleep again! I definitely need more sunshine.