Monday, October 3, 2011

Combo - Tuesday Teaser and It's Monday (or rather, It WAS Monday) What are You Reading?

Combo post today, because I was full of fail last night.

I had a great Sunday, spent the afternoon at the beach (which was surprisingly not cold) with my youngest sone (who was kind enough to drive me and my granddaughter) and my granddaughter. We chased the waves and turned around to run when they chased us back, found two different jelly-fish on the beach. One was small and perfectly clear, the other was bigger and had some sort of membraneous line going through it. We put it back into the ocean, since it sat on the beach for quite a while - long enough for me to start feeling like was just letting it die by leaving it there. We had an encounter with a couple of sneaky, sneaky seagulls. Seriously - this one seagull would nonchalantly walk over to your blanket until you looked it in the eye - then it would stop and look like "What!?" Turn away, yet keep one eye on it and it would slowly walk a bit closer...til you turn completely toward it again. Once I kept my side to it just to see what it would do - while looking at me, it slowly lowered his head to the blanket and tried to quickly yank it and go. Haha - since he grabbed the corner of the blanket, it had heavy things on it and he seemed quite startled that it wouldn't fly away with him. LOL best surprised look out of a seagull ever. Anyway - I had a great time at the beach, even though I had to pace myself and the walk back to the car was torture for me (the back, the legs going numb, the sciatica, the lungs just not giving enough air, the whole climb back up, the whole walk back was pretty rough - but I would do it again for another day at the beach. At least I made it back to the car under my own steam - even if I had to keep going slower and slower...) The afternoon at the beach was perfect.It is entirely possible that the excercise and stressing my lungs out so much led to the headache later that night - Next time, I'll bring my inhalers and see of they help.
Now for the Teaser Tuesday/It's Monday, What Are You Reading? bloggery posts...

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading - this is where we TEASE each other with snippets from books we are currently reading.

It's Monday, What Are You Reading is hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. This is the place to discuss what we've read, what we're currently reading, what we hope to read (those of us who are thinking ahead) or anything else to to with reading in the near furture. Both book blog memes are fun to participate in; and if done on a weekly basis are great grounding activities.
I mentioned earlier that I haven't finished one single book this past week. I didn't. Not one. I did get past the halfway point of one book, started another book, and then became interested in yet another novel - all of these are in the SciFi genre - so my teasers are all going to focus on them.

From Jaine Fenn's Principles of Angels (this is a damned good book - I've just had a hard time concentraiting this week on reading) - page 190/191

' He felt her tense just before he heard her whisper, "Hellfire, this we don't need."

Taro raised his head to see a figure, another Angel, flying towards them from the edge of the City. She was moving fast, brown hair and red cloak streaming out behind her. '

A new to me author is J.M. Meluch - still not sure if I like her writing style, but then again, I've only just started this novel. (and yet I purchased three out of sheer loony-ness - never even read an excerpt, just decided to BUY them.)
from page 25/26 of The Myriad;

' "Oh, God, I hate people gardens!" Hamster blurted.
An officer tried to keep an open mind out here, but one could not love a species who grew other intelligent species as food crops. (oh - man, what the hell am I READING? LOL)

Finally - from Peacekeeper by Laura E Reeve
page 52

' "Can you turn that shirt off?" Asked Matt. "You're going to make me puke."

"Sure, you're not my type anyway." Nestor felt around the front of his thin chest and the shirt became blessedly quiescent fabric. ' (the future - full of advertising shirts...)
That's it for now - suddenly feeling headachey again - Laters!


  1. Congratulations! I hike with asthma and back pain so I know the effort you made. Beach with the grandchild was awesome stuff! Great incentive. The seagull was cheeky. LOL Hope the headache is diminishing.
    Love the Peacekeeper quote. Made me think of my sons. haha.
    Hope you get to stop by!

  2. It sounds like you had a nice trip to the beach, overall!

    Interesting teasers! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Christina - hearing you hike with asthma and back pain makes me feel both tired, lazy, and like I should push myself more...and then I also think how good it is that you are pushing yourself to do this. I'm going to attempt to make more outings. After last winter's wreaking of my health I think I might have withdrawn from life a bit. I need to try to do a few more things than I have been. I need to push myself a little bit more. :)