Monday, October 3, 2011

It's kind of Monday...

I had this whole post planned - I haven't yet finished the books that I'm reading, yet I've been enjoying my novels.


big, big, HUGE however

I have the migraine from hell

We went to the beach and had a great day -

played with the one grandchild that was able to go with us (us being my youngest son and me)

bought the saltwater taffy

chased waves

struggled back up the hill to the car (I MADE IT!)

but now I'm having a headache and just want to sleep- so I'm going to sleep.

I feel weird (probably don't know what sleepy actuallyu feels like)

I hate to miss the monday post, but I'm having trouble just typing this

g''night and hopefully I'll be better manana (imagine the tildy, don't know how to get it on the n while using this keyboard...

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