Saturday, October 1, 2011


I need a caption for this. I'm a little disappointed that it's not very clear. I tried enlargening the pic, but it's now a bit blurry. So that is SkippyJon Jones (my dog) as a puppy inside a small doll cradle - it's very small. He was just learning the word "Sit". SkippyJon Jones is my half chihuaha/half smooth fox terrior - named by my granddaughter after one of her favorite book characters - a siamese cat who is always in trouble with his mama for acting like a chihuahua.

The only reason this particular picture came to my recent attention is because my granddaughter - who has been experimenting on the computer since she was three - today decided to click on some of my folders to see what's in them. Have to admire her initiative. it's a good thing I don't store creepy pics on my my laptop! LOL Up until today, she's been content to click on the internet icon, have us find NickJr and then she goes from there. She must know some of the icons in my favorite button on the web bar, because she'll start out on nick jr and end up on sprout, or disney's playhouse. We have many kid sites saved in a special folder in the favorites tab.

The latest episode of Doctor Who is on now - so I'm getting off for now. Also, I really am asking for a good caption for my dog in a cradle pic. Send me a caption, I'll pick a winner and send a book.

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