Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

I love Teaser Tuesdays. So much Fun. Hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading, this is one of the funnest weekly memes of the book blogging hood. Simply grab your current read, or just read, find two random sentences and post a tease. No spoilers, and please credit the author and book. You can post your tease at MizB's website - there are hundreds of posts every Tuesday - very fun

My current read is the second in a trilogy -Scardown by Elizabeth Bear.
as usual, I'm posting a few more than a couple sentences..

from page 54

' "Your locker is 312. Everything you need is in there. There's a sidearm, too. I want it on you at all times."

"Bullets!" On a pressurized tin can in interplanetary space? I step into the corridor. Holy fuck. What do I need a sidearm for? '

Elizabeth Bear also provides free online fiction via her journal. There's pretty good short stories there. I haven't read a whole lot by Elizabeth Bear, well, actually Hammered is the first book I've read by her. I enjoyed it very much and am having a great time reading Scardown. Complex SciFi involving space travel, possibility of aliens, sneaky military types and a side of gangsters. Good stuff. :)

LOL Cats - love the captions people come up with.


  1. Ah yes...what does she need a sidearm for. Sounds like a very interesting read! I am assuming it was a woman for some reason.

    Here is mine.

  2. Michelle, you're right - it's a woman. and she's 50 - not your average main character. :)