Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesday Teaser

Does anyone else have problems with formatting in Blogger? No matter how many times I get rid of extra space between sentences, pictures and words, Blogger tends to re-insert so many extra spaces between sentences and pictures, making the post look sloppy or just way too long with too many empty spaces.


so frustrating!

Back to business!

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading and is the perfect forum for posting teasers of books that we are reading.

The goal is to post two sentences, but of course I go overboard and sometimes I post more....

More Fun!

Senior Year Bites (e-book)
by J.A. Campbell
location 152 (kindle for PC)
' I didn't want to touch the disgusting creature, but I bent over him anyway and tilted his head back. The smell of blood forced my lips to his neck. My teeth broke his skin; hot blood rushed into my mouth. I drank my fill that night, almost killing my prey. He was going to be in bad shape for a while, but I couldn't bring myself to care after what he was going to do to that girl.
Once I was satisfied, I leaned back and looked around. The world faded back to its normal vibrancy. The girl still lay moaning in the dirt.
She disgusted me, laying there, waiting for rescue
My irrational reaction suprised me.... '

Tiger Eye

Marjorie M. Liu

page 213

'...It [the Kosmo Klub] also had one of the most endearingly eccentric owners to ever walk the planet, an elderly woman who called herself Dame Rose.

A self-proclaimed nymphomaniac, ("The only reason I've slowed down is because I don't wanna replace any more o' my hips"), Rose liked to prowl the evening lines into her club, drawing out the men who pleased her, and showing them to the prime seats in her bar.'

Tanya Huff's in an omnibus, so it's within the first 50 pages of the second novel...
'..."You're insane."
"Me? You get paid to be shot at."
"That's not why they pay me, Mr. Ryder. They pay me to see that we achieve our mission objectives without losing any personnel."
"Military speak," he snorted."You get the job done without anyone getting killed."...'


  1. Sometimes clicking the "Edit HTML" and getting rid of any blank spaces in the code helps--Blogger does that to me, too.

    Intriguing teasers!