Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Monday

It's Monday! What are You Reading?

One of my favorite weekly memes, hosted by Sheila of Book Journey (yes, I say this EVERY week, but really, how many different ways are there to say this? Not many, so now I just repeat myself, because the important thing, is the book meme. lol)

Finished Reading:

Tanya Huff

I really, really wish that more people felt this way
link goes to Ms Huff's blog, where I tend to lurk. heehee

Bought and/or started reading:

all of a sudden I felt like reading paranormal romance!
so weird of me, but it is Liu.

I bought this book ONLY because there is an
Ilona Andrews story. True.
Magic Dreams

yes, there are other authors...I might even read their stories.
for sure, I'm reading Ilona Andrews' Magic Dreams.

I finally reviewed some books that I've previously read:
Jemma7729 which I read a couple weeks ago
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt - I read that one way back in May
Valor's Choice - I just finished that one :)
I still need to review quite a few more, including Dead In The Family, which I finished a long while.

Also needing reviews by me are Magic Slays (OMG - Hell of a book!) and Mob Rules.


  1. Tanya Huff is one of those authors who simply does not get enough attention (or credit). So great to see a few of her books on your list!

    Here's my reading selections for this week.

  2. Great book around here! Hexed looks great!

    My weekly recap can be found here :) . Please stop by is you have a moment.

  3. @I really do enjoy Tanya Huff's books. Although I haven't read much of her "high-fantasy", I do like her summoning books and the Gate books - I forgot the name, but the main character is a kind of simple girl....I'm glad I picked up her Sci-Fi books, she's great at dialogs and banter.

    @Lisa - Hexed....Ilona Andrews....:)