Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting for...

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Hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine, Waiting on Wednesday is a meme that I tend to do once in a while. We list books that we're looking forward to, and here is a trio of books that I've been hearing about for almost a year, and now the time is almost upon us....yeay for new series.

Crystal Marie Green's new steampunk/westernish vampire series...the first is Bloodlands and comes out in July 2011... Writing under the pen name of Christine Cody, she has tackled the steampunk/western genre with this new series. I've been waiting for a long time for this to com out, and the wait is almost over. Chris Marie Green is the author of the Vampire Babylon series and numerous romance novels.

happily, there will be three books in this series, and they are coming out one month apart starting in July. I am tempted to preorder them just so I can make sure I get summer is my dry book spell time....

The cover of Bloodlands isn't the final version, this is from a mockup from Chris Marie Green's blog. the link takes you to her february list of posts, I couldn't single out the exact post for some reason. Blogger is occasionally very weird. possibly wyrd.

Blood Rules is the second in the series, coming out August 30, 2011

then, finally In Blood We Trust, coming out September 27, 2011.


  1. Nice picks and I love that there are being released a month apart!

    New follower btw:)

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  2. not my usual cup of tea but these novels look good. i definitely like their covers. thanks for sharing and happy reading :)

    My WoW. Please also check it out.