Friday, May 6, 2011

Contest Reminder

win this or that (your choice)

I'm running....(hosting?) a pretty cool contest, for a brand new book by Suzanne McLeod - The Cold Kiss of Death.

It's a new release in the US.

There is one more Day To Enter

C'mon - Let's see some entries!

Open internationally

Enter over There------>;click here. :)

now, here's the thing about contests put on by me...

I don't have a whole lot of followers, (*g*) not like those blogs with over 1,000 followers, where a contest will generate say...473 entries...

This means when you enter one of my contests, (which you totally should do) there is a very, very

extremely high chance of winning.

With odds like those, I would certainly enter!

In a heartbeat!

So, for a chance to win a book that you'll enjoy (urban fantasy set in London; fae, witches, satyr, trolls, crows, vampires, and Genny Taylor)

Go tell you mothers, your sisters, your brothers....well, go tell your friends!

get on over to my contest post and enter.

**excerpts available - click on book cover

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