Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trouble always finds me....or the internet blues

well, after spending the last four or five days in a state of high frustration, and the weekend basically OFF the internet....well. Hell.

I've suddenly been having trouble viewing my blogger - and except for the post from last night, where I though I had it all figured out finally, was unable to even get on my dashboard, much less post any posts, or view any blogs from my dashboard. It seemed to come on rather suddenly, so I thought it was due to either the latest pack of updates (windows seems to just keep sending these updates...), or the recent download of Google Chrome....I un-installed all the installations since May 15th and was finally able to post last night....then I tried to get on blogger today and had the same damned problem...unable to access because the address is too large (wh.....wai...WHAT!?!)

Two pleading messages were left with absolutely NO responses from anyone on blogger (support, yup!) and after much barely controlled temperamental surfing (I am absolutely horrible at this type of problem solving, or any computer problem solving - making me wonder why the hell I'm even trying to BLOG AT ALL) but I finally found, after "Emptying My Cache", "Enabling Java Script" (already enabled by the way), "Resetting My Security levels", etc that Windows 7 is no longer able to support any blogger (Blogspot) addresses - apparently. So I downloaded (AGAIN) this weird Google Chrome browser. Now when I need to go to my blog, I simply have to make sure that I am opening up my Google Chrome Browser to get here, because the Internet Explorer cannot open the extremely 'TOO HUGE" ADDRESS. Please! I find this whole thing weird, and rather sudden. Why NOW? Why so sudden? I'm sure there's some complicated computer reasoning....after continuously updating their techie stuff, suddenly IE is unable to support surfing for Blogger addresses....very strange. Anyway, after a complete lack of response from Blogger staff, I think I have this figured out (again) We'll see.

I find it odd though, or slightly shady that Blogger is owned by Google and now suddenly, is too complicated to be accessed through Internet fact, one of the many suggestions I came across was to try either FireFox or Google Chrome as Explorer wasn't able to support the Blogger ....

That's my little mini-rant post. We'll have to see in the next week if I'm truly able to continuing using my blogger journal. I hope so, since this is the one that I focus on for book reviews, the weekly memes, etc.

***a quick, what the ---?? moment here....I'm am now sitting at my PC, the desk version...on internet explorer, accessing my blog? Why is this possible on my PC and not on my laptop?

And why won't the Google Chrome browser allow me to use different colors on my posting? This makes no sense! I like to use a different color for things, and when I tried on the Google browser, everything I posted had the same color no matter how many times I tried to change it. Accessed it through my PC and here we are, reading this in RED or BLUE!

I don't understand why a browser would affect the formatting on a blog post!

this is driving me insane....admittedly, not a long drive, but hey! What the Hell?

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