Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Teaser Tuesday Post

Tuesday is coming...

a welcome relief from Monday...

One day closer to Wednesday (favorite TV show night!)...

Which makes the Weekend that much closer...

:) ahhh, Weekends (:

Teaser Tuesdays, a fun weekly book meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading is one of my favorite weekly blog events.

Go to Miz B's website, take a look, and participate.

No spoilers, and always credit the author and novel. But you know that. :)

Christina Henry's Black Wings from page 218; 'There was an unnerving combination of gratitude and suspicion in his eyes, and I thought it prudent to get away before he started asking more questions about my abilities. These people were on edge and they might decide that a burning stake was just the thing for a weirdo Agent with creepy powers.' The story is engaging, and even though there are sections of too-formal language use, there are also large sections of "normal" or "average people" phrasing, so I've been able to keep reading this particular novel...in fact, I'm pretty close to finished.

' "...I answer to your family if you croak, Del. Your grandmother alone will nail my hide to the wall."

"Not before she shaves off your balls with Grandpa's antique razor."

He sucked in his breath. "You're evil."

Dela smiled. '

Marjorie M. Liu, a lyrical author. She has a way with words. :)

I am looking forward to reading more of Tiger Eye.
Nancy A. Collins' Right Hand Magic I thought that Nancy A Collins sounded familiar - after looking for an excerpt link tonight, I saw that this is the same woman who wrote the Sonja Blue character. I've heard of this character (and Sunglasses After Dark) but haven't yet read them. In fact, I've heard lots of recommendations from people who were tired of a certain other vampire writer....ANYway, at lease I now get to read her latest - right? beginning sentences... ' The flyer on the bulletin board at Strega Nona's Pizza Oven read "Room for Rent: $750 per Month." At the bottom of the page was a line of tear-away slips bearing a handwritten phone number, several of which were already taken. I happened to be at Strega Nona's that particular day because I was looking at a loft in Tribeca. Since I was nearby, I decided to grab a slice. Located at Broadway and Perdition, on the border of Golgothan, it's one of the best pizza joints in the city. Sounds too good to be true, I thought to myself as I tore off the next tab in line. ' This is an interesting start. It's not whambam excitement right away, but my interest is flagged anyway....and how do you like the names of the streets? the Corner of Broadway and Perdition I think I need to read this one after I read River Marked (Patricia Briggs), which I am planning to read right after I finish the current read (Black Wings). I'm all excited now! HAPPY READING EVERYONE!


  1. All great books. I hope that you are enjoying them. Check out my Teaser for Tuesday.

  2. Interesting teasers! Thanks for sharing. :)