Friday, April 1, 2011

I splurge....I shouldn't have...but the temptation was too much

It's going to be a dilemma - which one should I focus on first?

{in alphabetical order by book title}

  1. Children of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy (no. 2 in series)

  2. Dead In the Family by Charlaine Harris (no.10 in series)

  3. Magic On the Hunt by Devon Monk (no. 6 in series)

  4. Mob Rules by Cameron Haley (debut novel...I think)

I have no willpower....if I have even $20 that might be extra, I'm usually slinking off to the bookstore, looking for books even though I have soooo many books to read; debut authors to try, series to catch up on...a book sent specifically for review (I just received it-had no idea it was coming to me) such as this book by Stephen Hunt titled The Rise of the Iron Moon. I had NO idea I was going to get it, so I was very surprised. I don't know how I ended up on Tor's radar for review books, but I'm not going to turn down anything sent by them to me for review. *G* Maybe I entered a contest, and just don't remember...Who knows? I'm pretty sure that any book published by them, I've enjoyed - they're Science Fiction, Fantasy, or better yet, Urban Fantasy - my favorite genres - so when Tor is on the spine, (so far, anyway) I know I'm getting SciFi, UF, or Fantasy - not a romance thinly disguised as SciFi or Fantasy. Believe it or not, this really happens (Gasp!)

Every six months, my insurance is paid up completely (damned pesky car insurance) so I have one less bill to pay for two months; leaves me with a bit of money (a whole $70 to $80 to use on other things....which I'm happy to use for frivolous things, **books!** rather than practical things like clothes...) Lately I've been spending this money on clothes and books for the grandchildren - but this time I knew some books I wanted were coming out...Tonight I ended up at Border's...where I found many copies of Magic On the Hunt - Devon Monk's book that is being released April 5th, 2011, all put out for sale right now! six days early. Of course I snagged a copy....and not only did I buy books for me, (I had to; it's a burning, yearning need!) but the clerk talked me into buying a book to donate to the Boy's & Girl's I picked Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko. I picked the book from a display behind the clerk, and he put it on the side counter...How do they keep track, how does the book NOT end up back on the display to be purchased over and over again? Or am I just being suspicious? If I were working there, I would have a box clearly labeled "Donations" just so there would be no questions or confusion. Why do I even think like this? Not everyone is a crook.....but plenty are...

In summary - I have myself four brand-spankin' new books to read as well as the copy of River Marked (Patricia Briggs) that my book fairy sent to me, and this new-t0-me Stephen Hunt's newest release of Rise of the Iron Moon. Only The Rise of the Iron Moon seems to be the third in this series...Has anyone read this series yet? I've only noticed Stephen Hunt's books in passing, as I normally focus on UF written by female authors....I know, I know, I am missing out on a lot of good authors this way. I don't conciously try to do this; but it does seem to happen regularly. I enjoy books written by women more than the usual novels written by men. However, I'm willing to give The Rise Of the Iron Moon a chance. Might be a wonderful novel, just like Bone Song by John Meaney - loved that one. I even looked for other books by him tonight, but there were none. Probably have to order them online....which I'm planning to do as soon as I can. So really, I have six brand-spankin' new books that I've came by in the last week....I'm so happy! I get ridicously happy just getting books, whether they're sent to me, or I buy them. However it happens, I'm always excited with books. Book Nerd! Hell, I'm even happy about buying the grandchildren books!...which reminds me, my grandaughter and I haven't had a trip together to the bookstore recently....hmmmmm - I think we need to plan one soon......

I've rambled on enough about books and new books for one night. I should be in bed now, but I'm pulling my usual staying awake until it's time to get up crap.


**Note** Whenever I put up a book cover, I try to link the cover to an excerpt of the book, or at least to the author website. Once in a great while, I'll link to a store...but I prefer to link directly to the author's page or excerpt....I don't mind putting out free publicity (to the millions of readers I have...*g*), but once in a while I get disgusted with Corporate America (or Corporate where/whatever) so why give them free publicity? probably really doesn't matter in the end...just my small little principle.


  1. I have the same problem. Mostly buy ebooks, but about once a month I have to get a book I can hold. The promises of new adventures :-D that only reading can give me.

  2. haha - that's how you can tell the true book nerds/geeks....we look forward to reading books so much that we feign for a drug! lol. Drugs for the brain. :)