Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays

I had an almost relaxing day yesterday.....woke up late, which was nice.
But it was very, very cold so it was hard to control the aches and pains....
Anyway I relaxed until I realized I hadn't done ANY laundry =
so laundry was done - very slowly, but I did some.
then of course, since I was the one home all day, I ended up cooking dinner.
Now sometimes I am an inspired cook.
Sometimes not so much
I made "dirty" rice- but I left off making it too long and didn't have time to throw any onions or any of the additives that make a tasty succulent "dirty rice" - or as they say in Panama: Arroz Sucio. To do it right, I should have sauteed rice with onions, garlic, some chopped up vegetables, and thrown in some spices (pimental peppers, garlic, whatever )
My version was to brown the rice and oil, and get this - garlic POWDER (lazy cook, yes) and I threw in just a touch of red cayenne pepper (powdered of course) with some savory.
Well - I thought it tasted a bit dry....and a bit spicy. I really didn't like it, although my son says it was fine. No one else raved about it, so I really don't think it was fine.
What makes a good dirty rice is almost burning the sauteeing rice/onions/pepper mixture. Almost, but not quite. Then when you add the (already hot) water to the rice mixture, your rice will be brown and savory. It's usually very tasty - but I managed to make it NOT so.
Well, they shouldn't rely on me to cook. The arms aren't working to well anymore anyway. :)
With the dirty rice, we had enough steak for two meals, which I chopped up and sauteed in another pan. Then I threw some fish sticks on a cookie sheet and drizzled them with olive oil to bake along with a pan of frozen popcorn shrimp. UmmUmmmGood (not) Really, I hate fish sticks, or anything else breaded and frozen. I think it all tastes the same, but my youngest son went shopping on Friday and that's what he chose tto buy.
I made a fake tartar sauce; fake because we don't keep tartar ingredients around in our kitchen. I don't even know what real tartar ingredients are.
So I put some mayo, ketchup and a bit of grey poupon in a dish and mixed it up.
ummmummgood - kind of. I didn't eat the fish, so I really don't know.
These guys will eat anything though, so it seems they enjoyed it.
Silly. Well - that's my cooking story. Not much to brag about. LOL

Onto the Teaser Tuesday....which is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading. Full guidelines are posted there, but basically we take our current read, find two teaser sentences (although sometimes some of us post a few more...) and TEASE you with our book. Hopefully making you want MORE, and also hopefully without spoilers.
I'm currently reading Red Hot Property by Devin O'Branagan.
Red Hot Property is a fun read about a woman and her three new friends that are attempting to make a go at the real estate business. Seems like an almost impossible task, making money at real estate, but some people are managing to make a go at it.
from page 165:
' "It would be enough if I could help you off with your shoes."
Brianna sighed and shook her head with obvious disgust.
Molly struggled. It did seem relatively harmless. "well, just this once."

(a very short time later...) "I have a listing contract in the trunk of my car. why don't we take a few minutes and fill it out?"

Milo looked up at her with radiantly happy puppy dog eyes.

Molly smiled down at him.

They both reveled in the sweet smell of success. '

That was just an example of the sometimes odd situations Molly finds herself in while trying to sign contracts and show houses....

That's going to be it for today - I am beat and ready for a nap. :)

Happy Reading everyone!


  1. A couple of my daughters and some other family members are in real estate. This might be a good book for them.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Extremely interesting teasers. My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2011/02/teaser-tuesdays-the-devils-star.html

  3. That does sound like an interesting situation! Great teaser.