Monday, February 21, 2011

regarding the "similar" review...

I just received a note from a friend that the review of mine that was copied and posted on Amazon.UK is not posted anymore. This is good.

However it happened, I'm glad that either the poster saw the light or someone at Amazon.UK took down the post.

I really don't understand the whole thought process behind plagiarizing an entire review. It's lame. At least it's gone now.


  1. I don't understand why someone would do that either. To me it kind of defeats the purpose--you either had an opinion about the book or not :::shrug:::::

  2. Yes - kind of lame. Now I want to post my review on the Amazon.UK page. I think I should start posting there anyway in support of the British authors I love to read. Suzanne McLeod, Terry Pratchett, and the newest one I've read John Meaney. And then there's Sara Creasy - who was born in England, lived here for a while and now lives in Australia.

    lol - I must sound like a total book/author geek now!