Saturday, February 19, 2011

Contest Winner!

Well, the 18th has come and gone; I didn't get a huge number of entries, but then I have a small cozy blog. Well, I don't know about COZY, but it's small. :)
There were some authors listed that I haven't heard of before, (such as Beth Rivas, Elena Melodia, Lani Wooland) so I'm planning on checking them out.
I appreciate y'all making the effort to list author and series names.
I've picked a winner for the signed copy of Suzanne McLeod's The Bitter Seed of Magic;
With the help of my granddaughter.
I wrote the names of all the entries on little slips of paper.
I folded them up.
I then shook you all up in my closed hands...
Then I threw you all up in the air.
When you all landed on the bed (that's where we were for this auspicious occassion - nothing but the best!)
I had my granddaughter pick one of you.
The Winner is......
Winnie listed in her top five favorite NEW series the name of an author that I've had my eye on after reading her blog a few years ago, then reading her first published short story - Karen Mahoney. I'm looking forward to her new series also - and I won the book, which will be here shortly. (happy, happy!)
So Ms Winnie - I'm going to search out your e-mail - but just in case if you get of hold of me first send me your snail mail so I can forward it on to Suzanne McLeod. Oh - and it'll be signed!
If you're still looking for chances to win The Bitter Seed of Magic, click on the book cover - in the sidebar at Suzanne McLeod's website there are links to other contests.
She is also offering up this week a copy of Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead
. I've read the first book in Mead's series and enjoyed it, so I'm sure this one will be pretty good.
Happy Reading All!


  1. Congrats winnie!! & thanks Mardel for this opportunity it was fun ^^

  2. I should do this more often...I have a hard time coming up with questions though...