Friday, February 18, 2011

The Reading....

After reading two amazingly brilliant urban fantasy/fantasy novels in a row I need to "cleanse my palate" with a book or two from completely different genres.
I found out that after reading a book that wows me, nothing else will measure up for at least two books.
This happened in a strong way after I finished reading Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews - actually this is when I realized I have this issue.
I had vaguely noticed for a while that after reading a very bood book it's hard to concentrate, but after Magic Bleeds and after Devon Monk's books I really became aware of this.
The only books that will stand up to them are other books from my list of favorite authors.
If I attempt to read a new novel or a novel that I would normally enjoy (even if it wouldn't actually WOW me), then I find myself feeling bored and not really paying attention because my mind is still lingering on the amazingly brilliant novel.
This is how I feel after reading Bone Song by John Meaney -
and for sure, this is how I feel after reading The Bitter Seed of Magic by Suzanne McLeod.
So I'm not going to even try to read a fantasy or urban fantasy at this point.
It's now time to get out of my stack a couple of books that are more contemporary fiction.
One of them is .....
Red Hot Property by Devin O'Branagan. I had read Witch Hunt and Glory by the same author and when she noticed I had mentioned being interested in reading Red Hot Property, she was kind enough to send me a copy. This was very kind, because of course she didn't have to do this - I had been planning to send away for it, but I was very happy to find it in the mailbox one day - completely unexpected.
This novel is about a young mother who is trying to start out in a new career and ends up in a new town, working with three other "newbies" to the real estate market.
One of the reasons I was so interested in reading it is because of the character descriptions
  • the young mother
  • a gay man who has a dog that seems to understand everything
  • a young woman born with a silver spoon in her mouth
  • an mixed heritage young man (of Asian descent)

There is some suspense, a mystery and some possibly wacky situations in store. I enjoy novels that feature mixed heritage, and animals - animals that feature in more than just a passing mention here and there. I just started reading Red Hot Property a few days ago, and so far it seems promising.

I'm also fortunate enough to be on the mailing list of a very nice woman in the publishing biz (quite by accident, I believe. She was sweet enough to give a person with a teeny-tiny blog a chance at reviewing a book a while ago, and I jumped on it - of course!) I feel flaky right now, because for the life of me I cannot remember her title. Being on her mailing list means I get an ARC to read about every few months. Which is nice, because it just shows up - and I get a pleasant surprise.
She recently sent me an ARC for a novel by Kat Martin - A Song For My Mother. I think it's a romance, although so far it's reading a little like general fiction with a romance in it. It's definitely NOT one of those "heaving bosoms" type of books. WAIT! Before any romance lovers get upset, I'm not saying Romance novels are horrible.....they just bore me to tears, because I like a little more story with maybe a bit of sex in it, not a lot of sex with a little bit of story in it. Kind of like I like my warm sugared milk with a bit of strong coffee, where others like their coffee with a little milk.....yeah, that analogy doesn't really work well. Actually, I'm in the early pages, just in the fifth or sixth chapter and so far there hasn't been any mentions of "hawt" bodies, or heaving chests. A mother of a young girl who is recovering from a bout with cancer, comes back to her small hometown to visit her mother. They've been estranged because of a painful past, and Marly (the young mom) has only agreed to visit with Winnie (her mom) for her daughter's sake. She's carrying a lot of resentment though, and can't stand to be around her mom too much. The romantic interest seems to be the next door neighbor - a single father (widower) with a young boy about Katie's age. The two kids make friends....and that's as far as I've gotten. A Song For My Mother is my current "work" book. The book I take to read while my group of children are doing their own silent reading. This is the reason I haven't gotten very far, because I only read a paragraph, then look around the room, read a bit more - check on the kids some more - read a little more, etc. I read myself to encourage the children to read, but I also have to remain alert and not get too into the book that I don't notice what's happening round me. I used to do this type of reading when I was a young mom with four kids - used to be able to read and yet keep one ear open for disaster. :)
A Song For My Mother comes out in April 2011 - hardback and e-book
Red Hot Property is available now in trade size ppb and e-book

I have to admit, now, that my reading has REALLY slowed down. I seem to be babysitting my grandchildren more often (love it, but it does mean less reading), and I have two nights a week that I concentrate (haha - CONCENTRATE!) on tv - I'm now that older woman who has "my shows" - Oh My God.

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