Sunday, February 6, 2011

Contest Reminders

I just received in the mail, a copy of The Bitter Seed of Magic (am I lucky, or what!!). I'm still reading Bone Song, so I'm forcing myself to wait to read The Bitter Seed of Magic, but it's a hard wait...and I couldn't resist peeking at the beginning pages of TBSM...This is goin' to be good. So Good.
Remember - there are two contests going on right now for a chance to win The Bitter Seed of Magic - one here on this very blog...
and one at the author's website, Suzanne McLeod.
So, don't waste these chances, enter for a chance to win...and I think there's a bonus giveaway at Suzanne's contest...go look. :)
remember, you can read chapter one there and part of chapter two here... Go on, get a little taste....

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