Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Cover

There is a brand-spankin' new cover for Senior Year Bites - Julie Campbell's newly contracted e-book.

I can honestly say that I like both versions - a lot. They both have a look that grabs my attention - for different reasons. I love the overall blue tint in the new cover - with the curlycue lines to the side. Looks like she's leaning against a school wall. It is a eye catching cover. On the other hand, the first version really captures the way I pictured Meg while I was reading SYB - she looks like a real teen, keeping the sun off of her. I get a kick out of the blood dripping out of the corner of Meg's mouth, while blowing a bubble there. The black and white coloring with a splash of red is also striking. Also, remember everyone - I always mention the name as Julie Campbell, but when you're looking for her books to buy, look for J.A. Campbell.

J.A. Campbell
has a nice look to it, doesn't it? :)


  1. I can say I like the first one better. It makes me take a second take. Kinda quirky too with the bubble gum.

  2. Unfortunately in the world of publishing the author can't show up with her own cover :) But they are both very awesome.

    Julie/J.A. Campbell ^.^

  3. Yep - I imagine there would be some doozies submitted. Overall, it's probably a good thing. Fortunately in this case, your new cover looks pretty good.:)

    LM - I like the whole bubble gum bubble with the blood dripping down also - it IS quirky.