Monday, December 13, 2010

Manic Monday, wish it were Sunday....and kids

Every time I type "It's Monday...." the tune and some of the lyrics of Manic Monday by the Bangles runs through my head. I say some of the lyrics, because for the life of me, there are very few songs that I can remember all the lyrics to. Manic Monday is not one of those songs.

Not that I'm a huge fan of 80's music (I'm not), but there is something catchy about this one. :)

Well, we all know what Monday's mean in the book blogging world. For a lot of us, it means this weekly meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. Full guidelines are available at Sheila's blog, but basically we list what we're reading, what we've finished reading and maybe what we hope to my case it's going to be what I'm still reading, and...

that's it.

I don't want to commit myself. LOL I have a load of books ready for me to read at anytime. :)

I love books.

This is the book that I concentrated on this week. Witch Hunt by Devin O'Branagan. It is an intense book. There are some fun parts, but it's intense. I find myself drawn into this story of the Hawthorne Family....past and present.....

I'm also currently reading Kalayna Price's Grave Witch. I haven't gotten very far into the book, but it's holding my interest, and I hope to finish reading it soon - maybe over winter break. click on cover for excerpt.

Sometimes I need to read complicated Sci-Fi. I need to read about people flying from planet to planet, from galaxy to galaxy, or to read about far off people, or computers a computer geek can only dream about. I recently ordered (on my last before x-mas book spree*) Dark Space by Marianne De Pierres. Who, I think, must have a genius level i.q. I'm quite a few chapters in, and this is a complicated, compelling read.

My past weekend was spent reading (of course) playing with grandchildren - who were finally able to interact with each other for about one hour Saturday morning**, and ahem -cough, cough - playing Farmville - cough, cough, ahem! I spent entirely too much time re-arranging my ponds and flowers, and plants in one area on my "farm". It's kind of pretty, though it's a complete waste of time - this farmville crap. Did you know that you can actually take a "picture" to share with friends and family? (like they give a sh** )

Oh yes we can! I'm sharing it with you -

'cause that's how I roll, yo!

*While I'm getting paychecks during the school year, I like to spend a little bit of money every month buying myself a few books. This is why I have so many books to read, because I buy them 9 months out of the year. However, every December, I put myself on a book-buying-stoppage, because I think that instead of buying myself books, I should use the money for presents for others. Of course, then I pout - especially since I end up buying books for my nieces.....:( lol

**My two grandchildren are, of course, cousins. They are one year apart (give or take a month). Even though they live in the same city, they don't see each other that often because of the conflicting schedules of everyone. Especially since my middle son (father of my grandson) broke my heart (rended it in two jagged pieces! lol )and moved out of the house, they see each other even less. I, however, have been able to see each of them once a week. My grandson (two and a half) has a sleepover with us every Friday night (courtesy of my son) and my granddaughter (Three and a half) spends every Saturday night over. I could take her from Friday to Sunday, but I've been exhausted. Well, this weekend, the grandson was still here when the granddaughter came. They were able to spend over an hour together.

It cracks me up to listen to them play. The boy is about four inches taller than her now. He's having a bit of trouble speaking though he tries very hard. He speaks, we just don't understand everything he says. (mom is getting some speech therapy for him soon) The little girl bosses him around and talks circles around him. He usually does whatever she tells him. When he doesn't, watch out! They spend a lot of time shrieking and laughing together. Good Times

Saturday they were both running in the hall way, and she fell down. He helped her up, and holding her "hurt" hand gently up in the air, led her to me, saying "here, g'ma kiss hand". and brought her hand up to my mouth - so I kissed her hand and he looks at her and says, "There, better now" and then they both run off to play.

Priceless little moments that don't last long.


  1. Being a grandmother is such a hoot. I love playing with my boys. Christmas is so much better with kids.

    I am interested in Witch Hunt it look like a great read.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Manic Mondaaaaay, I wish it was Fridaaay *dances* You're not the only one!

    Here's my It's Monday what are you reading?

  3. I have Grave Witch on my TBR shelf, I'm hoping to get to it soon! Here's what I'm reading:

  4. Awesome books you have on deck! Oh.... and I love the 80's :)

    Have a super week!