Friday, December 10, 2010

Congratulations Author Julie Campbell!

Remember a while ago when I was posting about this great young adult story? I posted about it, but it wasn't available yet for the general public to read (hey - it was a great story!) ... Well, soon you (and the general public) will be able to read Senior Year Bites!

Julie Campbell - aka J.A. Campbell has been offered an e-book deal from Decadent Publishing. According to the info, at first it'll be offered as an e-book, with an option to go to print if it becomes a series. Which is a possibility, especially since she's been working on a sequel to Senior Year Bites, (which, of course, I hope to read - *rubbing my greedy little hands together*) . I am looking forward to the day I can look at my bookshelf and see spine labels with Julie's name on them. Such a fun thing to look forward to.

Julie also has a release date for Arabian Dreams - August 1st, 2011 (Echelon Press - which must be related to Quake publishing).

I've been priviledged to read snippets, and bits and pieces of some of Julie's other writing, as well as Senior Year Bites, and I can truthfully say that Julie needs to be published. Her writing is strong and fun to read. If you've been following the adventures of Doc (the vampire hunting border collie) then you know what I'm talking about. I am so happy that not just one, but TWO of her books will be available. Hopefully more is to come, because like all writers, she's not just sitting around waiting to be published, she's writing and writing and writing.



  1. That's wonderful for her! Also, I think the cover is cute. I have to check out your review.

  2. Mardel, thanks so much :) Quake is the young adult division of Echelon. So yeah, you're right, they are related :)

    I'm super thrilled. Super super thrilled... and of course you'll get to read the next ones... haha.

  3. It is a pretty cool cover - on the post where I reviewed it, I put a link to the artist. But the publisher will probably go with a different picture. At least we got to see this cover, which is uber cool (and I have it forever on my blog *g*).