Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving....and don't forget those pets!

I worked very hard, racking and straining my brain to come up with the caption on the picture - all by myself!! I joined the LOLCatz website, since I've been lurking there forever. :) Then I couldn't find my picture when I went back...and I saw all the other, way more funny and inspired captions.....Damn my imaginations! (LOL) I haz no imaginations... :(....oh well. There are those that are gifted with writing, and humor...and then there are us readers. LOL

Wishing everyone - and I mean everyone
(cats and dogs included, *g*)
a Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy the family
Enjoy the friends
Enjoy the laughter
Enjoy the food
Enjoy LIFE
I am grateful for being alive, for family and friends.
I'm grateful for grandchildren, who never fail to make me laugh
I'm grateful for my husband of 31 years
I'm grateful for my children and their twisted senses of humor
I'm grateful for their significant others, with their humor
I'm grateful for the family I was born into
I'm grateful for the friends who are like family
I'm grateful for dogs and cats in my life, past and present
I'm grateful to have met my online friends
I'm grateful for being gifted with their writings
I'm grateful for books and all the hard work that the writers do to gift the public with wonderful reading material
I'm grateful for music and dance
I'm grateful for the internet
I'm grateful for Pepsi
I'm grateful for frozen strawberry fruit bars (Dreyer's)
I'm grateful for LIFE

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