Monday, October 11, 2010

monday reading

this is a quick post, since I had an exhausting weekend.
Hi!  it's the next morning, I'm rested - but with a severely sore throat,and I'm editing to add pictures and links to this quick and rushed post.
It's Monday is hosted by Sheila over at Book Journey.  It's a place to list books read,reviewed, received...or just your progress in the past week.
more complete rules guidelines are available at Book Journey.
I finished reading I shall wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett - it's a great book! Haven't reviewed it yet, though I should.

I also started reading Grave Witch (Kalayna Price), Pathfinders (Laura Reeve) and The Confederation of Valor (Tanya Huff) which is really the first two Valor books in one "omnibus"edition.  But the novel I'm concentrating on is The Half-Made World...

I received a wonderful laptop from one of my sons.  I asked for a loan, and he said no way - he would buy it for me and no paying back.  I hope he can really afford it, he says he can.  I can't imagine being able to buy something like that for someone else.  How did I end up raising such a generous boy when we were always broke?  Maybe he's that way because we weren't the type of parents who could give the kids everything they ever wanted-each of my kids had a friend like that.

I received in the mail for review The Half-Made World by Felix
Gilman.  I've started reading it, in between caring for my grandchildren (I had them both at the same time - all weekend - thus the now rest thing). and so far, the book is drawing my interest, with good characters, interesting dialog and a different setting (mix up of western, steam punk and mystery....)

I also found a book by Janet Evanovich titled Wicked my battery is too low to finish.......
If you've ever read her "between the numbers" books, you'll recognise one of the main characters - Diesel.  He's that very handsome other-worldly type that Stephanie just barely acknowledges as supernatural. He was in two of the "in-between"novels.  In case you haven't read any Stephanie Plum novels and are wondering what the hell I'm talking about:
There are about 16 Stephanie Plum books - about an inept bounty hunter and her friends.  Each of the novels contain a number in the title - One For The Money (being made into a movie with Catherine Hiegl and Sherri Sheppard), Two For the Dough...the latest being Sizzling Sixteen (see a trend?).  There are two or three between the numbers books - Plum Lovin', etc that are novellas, shorter versions of Stephanie Plum novels, with an extra Diesel.  :)

Well, I'm tired again, and am going to lay down before my afternoon job...I get to do that once in a while on Mondays.



  1. I have heard good things about Grave Witch. Hope you enjoy it. I have a sore throat today too... what is that about?

    I am going to go check linky now and if I can, I will link your post.:)