Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm late to the party - Tuesday Teaser

is the fun meme, Tuesday Teasers
all the guidelines are at her site,
basically you take two teaser sentences from your current read and post them.
of course, you should no put up a spoiler.

I am currently in the beginning or middle of over 5 books, but I'm only posting teasers from two of them (you should be thanking me - lol)

from page 57 of The Half Made World (Felix Gilman)

"A gray shape that swirled through the smoke looked remarkably like the blade of a curved sword swooping at Creedmoor's head, and he ducked, and immediately felt foolish.  He said:
-Listen.  What's this about? Why do we care about this old General?  There's no shortage of Generals in this world.  "

From page 44 of Valor's Choice (Tanya Huff):

" '...Remember we're supposed to be a ceremonial guard, so weapons remain at parade rest.  I don't care if the Silsviss come up and bite you on the ass, do not respond. We're here to make friends, and we do not blow away, blow up, or just generally put holes in our friends. ... "
Well - that's it folks.  I've been having a hard time focusing on reading (again) due to that pesky work thing we have to do, fighting another damned cold, and dealing with grandchildren...(that's a fun reason).  I also watch a pretty funny t.v. show tonight - Raising Hope.  The family is just sooo off in this show, I love it.  I think I love those type of shows (with the crazed parents and loony kids) because it make our family look pretty tame in comparison.  :)

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