Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Teaser

Tuesday Teaser..or rather Teaser Tuesdays, is hosted by MizB at Should be Reading.

It's kind of late, but here's a Teaser Tuesday....

From When Blood Calls
(new paranormal romance series)
from page 121
" 'I can't take it." His face contorted with pain. 'How do you take it?'
Caris kept her knife on his neck, then leaned in close. She turned her head slightly, so that she was speaking to Whitey, but looking at Hasik. 'You do.' She said. 'You just do.' "

From A Cup of Normal

a short story collection by Devon Monk
the story - That Saturday
from page 50

"Back when he was alive and misbehaving, I would send him to his doghouse and shut the door. I wondered if I could make him go to his doghouse now."

Well, just came off of a three day weekend with my granddaughter - except I had to work on Monday and today, so part of the time I didn't get to see her. So, though I did get to read a bit, I didn't get to read a lot....
Nothing beats playing with the granddaughter, even if I have to always be the boy in Polly Pocket or Barbies.
She's three right now, so playing the boy with dolls consists of either being the daddy or the husband, which quickly ends up to be daddy again. Little girls are obsessed with their daddies.

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