Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Monday ...stuff...and..pimpin' my friend's short stories

It's that time again - (can you believe, I almost forgot about It's Monday, What...? Almost let this meme slip by me!)
I haven't gotten a lot of reading done, but I've done better than the week before.
As usual, this meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey

Banned Book Week is coming up - last year I planned on posting a bit about it, but kept forgetting (the brain, she isn't very "with it" anymore). Let's hope I can remember to at least acknowledge Banned Book Week (or BBW) this year. On a disappointing note, I looked at some of the challenged books and was disgusted to see my little city mentioned - in fact, the high school that I used to go to - Santa Rosa High School had a book challenged, and it's still on the reading list, but limited to Juniors and Seniors with some limitations - OH PLEASE! Most of these "kids" already know what's going on with life, and are being approached to enlist! Why are we trying to limit WHAT THEY READ for god's sake. I get pissed at stuff like this. The book is The Tortilla Curtain, and of course, now I want to read it. Just because it's been challenged.
Ahhhh. This last week I was able to finally finish reading The Enchantment Emporium (last week I was Almost Done, but not quite). This was a very good book - and I plan to review it soon.
I also started and finished Glory, the Young Adult fantasy by Devin O'Branagan. I liked it a lot, there was a lot of things happening - the story was short and sweet, but is just the beginning. It was the first in a new series by Ms O'Branagan. BTW, in looking at her website, I see that she's also writing contemporary - there's one mystery or suspense book that has quite a cast of quirky characters. Ms O'Branagan also features dogs as side characters in a lot of her novels, which I think is wonderful...
which reminds me....
Do you like short stories?

Do you like dogs?

Do you like vampire hunters?

Well! have I got a link for you! I have a friend who has been writing....novels, short stories, snippets - She writes in a few different genres. She is currently sending out queries. You can read a list and blurb of her novels at her website, and....

There's this great page called Doc's Stories that feature a Border Collie and his human. Right at the moment there are two stories posted by Julie Campbell and I love them both. Go over and check it out. Leave some comments, show some story love, give some support!

In the past, I've had the honor of reading a YA novel of hers titled Senior Year Bites and have been able to peak at a couple of her other works, and I think she is as good, if not better than a lot of writers being published now. I'm really hoping that something happens for her soon in the publishing department. But in the meantime, we can enjoy some of her works online...and for free (who doesn't love free?) - and they are good.
So go over, check out the website. Read the short stores, poetry, and sample chapters of her completed novels.
I would love to see her work in print - book form, in my hand.

That's it for now folks - It's possible I'll link the other books to author web pages, promises. Work has been kicking my mental and physical ass, and I'm exhausted. Besides, I just finished reading about Sheila's recent weekend and all the things she did and I'm very tired from thinking about all the things she does. How does she do it? I spent the weekend on the couch, and my bed....I played dolls with my granddaughter, we ate popsicles and I made her waffles for dinner....Sounds lazier than hell, I know. I admit it - I'm lazy...and tired.

However...I did make some chicken and broccoli noodle soup for her to eat tomorrow (she's a very picky eater), so when we have dinner and she eats her one of two little bites, there will be something else to offer her.


  1. Looks and sounds like some good reading for you! Here's mine:

  2. I love how you do your what are you reading on Mondays! I try every week to forget that Monday happens LOL!

  3. Felicia, you make my head swell - it's getting harder to walk through my door! LOL Thanks.