Friday, August 6, 2010

Winner!! (new) Winner for Stormwalker

A while ago I held a giveaway for the Stormwalker novel (by Allyson James). Even though I e-mailed and left comments on her blog, the first winner never got back to me with her address. So I had another drawing, with my assistant The GrandDaughter.

First, we put the names on paper and folded them up.

Then I threw them up in the air.

When they landed, I quickly gathered them up and put them in this shoe

My GrandDaughter posed.....

(You didn't think I used a regular old smelly shoe did you? ugh, gross! Why would I DO that? What kind of person do you think I am, anyway?!?...uhh, don't answer that. LOL)

Then she reached her teeny little hand in there and grabbed a little piece of paper.

Then, she unfolded it, all by herself - acted like she read the name and then turned the paper out so I could take a picture of the new winner.

The winner is...PhoenixFireWolf.....You know what to do!


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